SUN-IN Hair Lightener £5.25 Delivered @ Amazon

SUN-IN Hair Lightener £5.25 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 19th Oct 2011
This seems to have disappeared in the shops, so glad I found it on Amazon! I know Boots do it, but it is always out of stock. Great Amazon price.
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online reviews are alittle off putting, but amazon reviews seem ok , been looking for somthing like this anyone used before and can recommend this ?
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I used to use this years back, love the stuff. Looks very natural and is easy to apply. Beats faffing about with dyes etc and you're in control of the results. Spray on to wet hair, and blow dry. Obviously you can rely on the sun but what are the chances of sunshine these days lol. Worth a try at a fiver!
This stuff is generally not on the shelves due to being really bad for the hair, i wouldnt recommend anyone to use this. Noting aimed at op for the post, but ive seen the effects go very wrong with this.
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Don't use if you swim a lot..turned ends of my hair green oO x
Oh gosh really. Thankfully I've not had any bad side effects with this.
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