sun suit swimming outfit £2 @ B&M - Bury

sun suit swimming outfit £2 @ B&M - Bury

Found 29th Aug 2016
Superman, batman and minions sun suits reduced from £6.99 to £4 and now on clearance and just £2 at B&M at Bury


I think that's probably close to, or below the normal wholesale price, so anyone sitting at home bored could easily nip out and buy a few to stick on ebay - we all know people who do it, some of them actually make a business of sorts out of it, selling to those who are stuck in a remote area or go to work in offices etc and haven't got the time to chase around everywhere.
Don't understand why some people sit on their bottoms all day doing nothing and say there's no jobs, then moan about someone from Romania who works unsociable hours, and pays taxes which then have to support lazy Brits... crazy country this.

I picked up the fireman Sam one today, they also had buzz lightyear an woody

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I looked at woody but there was a snake in his boot
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