Sun View CD Holder Twin Pack (RRP £14.99) only 99p instore @ Home Bargains

Sun View CD Holder Twin Pack (RRP £14.99) only 99p instore @ Home Bargains

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Found 28th Mar 2009Made hot 29th Mar 2009
I'm taking the RRP with a pinch of salt; but that is what it said instore at Home Bargins.
But I thought this was a handy gadget for storing CD's in the car, especially at 99p for apair.
Each holder stores 12 CD's and fit to the sun visor (most vehicles). Also has a storage poket for pens etc.

Many thanks to barginbri for the photograph


Great find again Andy, just wish there was some Home Bargains stores local to where i live.
your right, it would be handy for the car, i recall all of my CD's were just thrown in the glove compartment without any sleeves, so i got quite a lot of scratches
heat added

loved the fact that they reckon the RRP is £14.99, picked one up today. great find.

I hate these things, some people driving along blinding me with there shiny cds

We had some ford covered ones in Heanor branch for 59p i think?

or you could use the glove compartment...


or you could use the glove compartment...

That would require leaning over whilst your driving though. Not very safe is it :thumbsup:

Good find ive gone through loads of these and used to pay £1 each for them.

Top tip make sure you only use ONE CD in each section......... unlike me who keeps cramming them in the end which then stretches the material and then if there isnt enough CD's in that part everytime you go round a corner you have 8-10 CD's flying round your dashboard and on the floor :roll:

CDs? How old-fashioned ;-)
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