Sunbites Original Crisps 10p per pack @ Home Bargains

Sunbites Original Crisps 10p per pack @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 7th Aug 2009
sunbites original 10p per pack at homebargains loughborough store. Absolute bargain. These are wheat crisps lower calories and more taste in my opinion! anyway, also had builders breakfast 15p per pack! I bought 20 packs :L
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dont know how to add a pic it never works.. but its the sunbites original flavour only and they had loads.. aslo the builders breakfast had loads of them too. Dont know if its nationwide or not
also just to add they had a new terrys chocolat bar hazelnut or soemthing cant quite recall the proper name, said it was new and was 15p a bar? not sure if thats of any inetrest but il add anyway
Lovely crisps, even if they aren`t healthy :-)

Heat added!
Same Prince in B and M.
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