Sunflower oil 3L two for £6.50, (£4.55 each) @ Tesco
Sunflower oil 3L two for £6.50,   (£4.55 each) @ Tesco

Sunflower oil 3L two for £6.50, (£4.55 each) @ Tesco

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3.25
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Sunflower oil 3L two for £6.50 (£4.55 each)
Also Vegetable oil 3L two for £6.50 (£3.93 each)

Saw this instore. Can't find it online without logging in so link is to my supermarket which can verify price

Link to 'my supermarket':



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Oh- thanks for the link kylewalker.

just wondering but is the oil in question for use in diesel powered vehicles or cooking food ?

Is this instore as well?

Can't believe how much this has gone up in price - it was £2.95 in May last year.

Shame it's not BOGOF as they did last year - I should have bought more than the 10 I did which is just running out: hotukdeals.com/dea…440

Fire up the Mondeo!

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I saw it instore. Only went online to find a picture/confirm price.

if it is intended for the car then why not use this works out cheaper although i've never seen this in asda

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Can i ask why voted cold? If it is cheaper elsewhere, please let me know as I thought this was a good deal currently.

i voted hot but if you look on the mysupermarket site their are cheaper options like the one i posted above.

the link i included in my previous post was the best value oil at 9.5p/100ml
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Ok thanks for the explanation. I was refferring to the sunflower oil. If anyone sees that cheaper anywhere else, please post. I should have left Veg Oil out I guess, sunflower was a better offer.

according to mysupermarket the deal here is the best from the supermarkets compared (asda, tesco, ocado and sainsbury's) for SUNFLOWER OIL but for oil for use in cars which i presume many will use it for this deal is better. although im sure you can get it cheaper at wholesale places where restaraunts buy their oil from

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thanks. Just after sunflower for cooking.

Sunflower is about £1.10 a litre at Lidl (vegetable oil is cheaper still) - so unless you need that amount ...

£3.54/3litre at morrisons
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