sunglasses £1 @ Primark

sunglasses £1 @ Primark

Found 27th May 2012
just went to my local primark and picked up a pair of sporty sunglasses thought it was worth putting on here for a pound they do have other dressy type sunglasses for 2pound as well and kids ones for a pound also perfect for the few days we will have sun


they have been a pound in there for years

My wife buy them, as she always lose them or break them X)

This isn't anything new

got some from there last year great glass's but i broke them, the new versions aren't as good but still not bad for a pound

got 2 pairs to take away on hols,whose bothered if you lose them when theyre a quid

Honest Chaps they really are not worth it. The plastic they use on the legs are very brittle If you want to go for a budget pair try Matalan - I did last week and got two good metal legs sunglasses for £4.99 each
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