Sunshine - Complete BBC Series-Steve Coogan £8.99 Delivered @ Moviemail

Sunshine - Complete BBC Series-Steve Coogan £8.99 Delivered @ Moviemail

Found 18th Mar 2009
Next best is £10.43 @ Thehut.

I was slightly dubious about this series, not being a big Steve Coogan fan.To be honest I found him rather irritating but I am a complete convert after viewing this.An excellent piece of BBC Drama/Comedy-can't recommend it enough.

Steve Coogan stars in this three-part bittersweet comedy about a family man's fight against his own gambling addiction. Set in the north of England, Coogan plays Bing, a man who's determined to provide for himself and his family - when his lines eventually come up at the bookies. He never has much luck, but his wife still loves the cheery soul who always looks on the bright side, especially when he's losing, which he mostly does. Although his father George (Bernard Hill) helps him out occasionally, when his gambling addiction ends up losing him his job, home, and family, Bing realises things have to change - and fast.....

Director:Craig Cash

Bernard Hill, Steve Coogan



I loved this mini series. Thanks for posting Sharon.

great series this, heat added
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