Super Bright LED SOLAR Powered Flashlight Keyring £2.80 @ Zoombits
Super Bright LED SOLAR Powered Flashlight Keyring £2.80 @ Zoombits

Super Bright LED SOLAR Powered Flashlight Keyring £2.80 @ Zoombits

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* Dimensions: L - 2in/5cm, W - 1.25in/3.17cm, H - .39in/1cm
* Solar Powered Flashlight Keyring is a small LED flashlight that is powered by storing solar energy using a small solar panel.
* Solar powered - so no batteries to replace, ever!
* Contains 3 bright LED bulbs
* Enclosed in a shock resistant keyring case
* Ideal for any age
* Cool, compact design - The perfect key accompaniment from house keys, to Aston Martin keys!
While you are in the office or at home why not leave the Solar Powered Flashlight Keyring out for a while and let it store plenty of charge for when you need it most. Maybe you'll need it for when your stuck on one of those mysterious tropical islands and need a super bright light for when your exploring the scary dark caves or maybe your sick of reaching for the one torch in your home that just happens to not have batteries in when there's a power cut! This little device sure won't let you down so long as you show it the light of day sometimes!

Charge the Solar Powered Flashlight Keyring using the small solar panel on the top, the more sun it gets the longer it lasts! The Solar Powered Flashlight has 3 LED bulbs that glow super bright - so please try not to shine directly into your eyes or you'll end up seeing those little weird lights... and no they are not fairies! The shock resistant exterior protects the Solar Powered Flashlight Keyring from impact if dropped.


Are these the same one's as the 99p Store one's ??

Original Poster

I have my doubts..... Zoombits sell quality gear, in my (limited) experience, so i reckon these WOULD have decent LEDs....

£1 cheaper and different colours if your willing to wait on delivery Dealextreme

heres the correct link to zoombits or £1.60 from bestofferbuy.com (singapore) available in 6 colours & you can use paypal


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bought mine for 11p or something delivered in just over a week, now they are for 99p min. on e-bay.

stays in pocket so doesnt get much sun.

You can get these for a pound in most pound shops.
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