Super deal on HP officejet pro's,laserjets,scanjets and supplies (upto £170 cashback from HP)

Super deal on HP officejet pro's,laserjets,scanjets and supplies (upto £170 cashback from HP)

Found 28th Feb 2010
HP have currently got cash back and extened warranty on there officejet pro 8000 and 8500.

if you buy a HP office jet pro 8000 printer or office jet pro 8500 you can get up to £60 cash back dpending on the model purchased, i have just bought the office jet pro 8500 wifi all in one and got the full £60 cash back plus 3 years warranty from the cheapest i have found is from…8-1


I've got the pro 8000 wifi as well - not a bad printer, though a little fiddly and prone to sticking!
Got it at misco where they have some awesome deals.

Posted in January when HP were doing the 8500 for £154.99. What a great deal that was and for anyone who missed out this is a good deal. HP pay the cashback direct into your account and I've never had a problem.

Reviews seem to suggest they are troublesome (and thats reviews on their own site).

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My Partner who is a specialist in computing said that a majority of Bad reviews are from users who are not as computer literate as they think they are and when things don't work out they get frustrated then rant over a forum to try and get a response thus answer to their problem.

Since we have had the HP 8500 Wireless we have had no problems there has been no issue with the Paper miss feeding, or it being too loud or the wireless dropping out nor do we have a problem with the ADF Jamming, We have yet had an issue with the Duplexer and it certainly doesn't take forever as some users are stating.

In fact many of the issues users have complained about are ridicules and can be resolved through the Software provided.

Issues Like;

1. Duplexer Taking to Long - You Can change the time delay in the Embedded Web Server
2. Having to Keep changing Paper size from Letter to A4 - Go Into Printer Settings and Default A4
3. Installation takes to long - It is a Business Class Multifunction Printer of course its going to take a little longer than your bog standard printer.
4. Cant Figure out how to print on both sides! - Only the Wifi Edition has this ability and it takes 2 minuets to setup!

All in all you cant always take comments on Forums as Fact and for all we know most the negative feedback could be from a competitors Employees trying to damage the HP Name...

Great deal thanks
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