Super Lucky's Tale - Xbox One £48 - Tesco Direct

Super Lucky's Tale - Xbox One £48 - Tesco Direct



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Don't forget to use TDX-VPKP to get £5 off, even better deal!
Sub zero................................................
I could literally buy 3 copies for the same price elsewhere
Game £19.99
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Is this a joke?
we should all vote hot as a joke haha
Holy moly that's a disgusting price
II really hope this is a poor attempt at a joke it's around £20 nearly everywhere else, but you never know with this site it could be genuine.
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Don't forget to use TDX-VPKP to get £5 off, even better deal!
This price is hilarious
I won't lie, I saw this earlier today and debated posting it for a laugh! How Tesco can list at this price is beyond me haha
Does this come with a free iPhone X?
Heat added for the banter
how21 h, 13 m ago

Game £19.99

You know this is a pants deal when game are less than half the price. ARCTIC DEAL
Super unlucky to buy at this price!
I'm sure people post 'deals' like this knowing that it's not a deal at all, but expecting that the HUKD community will post where they can get it cheaper, to avoid them having to do the work. I can't see it as expensive as this anywhere else.
You're paying for the cutting edge graphics
Unwitting grandparents will pay this just to get the Clubcard points lol. Voted cold to show Tesco what for. Thanks for sharing the GAME price (despite the hatred).
I actually checked Tesco site to make sure it wasn't a misprint. Looks like another attempt to jump on the X 4K bandwagon as was with cool shop earlier this week with the greedy Scorpio price. I've seen this as low as £17 which may be worth a punt after the reviews come in but £48 you crack me up Tesco - try harder!
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