Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 February 2023.
Posted 5 February 2023

Super Mario 3D World+ Bower's Fury or Luigi's Mansion 3 - £20 / Animal Crossing New Horizons or Pokemon Legends Arceus - £18.50 @ Tesco

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Great offers on various Switch Games at Tesco from tomorrow 06/02

Reduced to £20 each
Super Mario 3D World+ Bower's Fury
Luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo

Reduced to £18.50 each
Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch
Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo

Offer valid from 06/02 to 19/02

Tesco More details at

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  1. Fergout's avatar
    49483649-Hlg7H.jpgIf they are in stock at Currys they will price match.
    Fergout's avatar
    Also I know it looks like a lot of people here think that they have reserved for store collection or delivery but Tesco are awful at updating stock and through experience I think most of these will cancel. If you have a Currys nearby I would definitely try there even if you have ordered.
  2. liamJGC's avatar
    Please can someone advise on how to do price matching with Currys? I haven't done it before and no stock in any Tesco/for delivery anywhere near me unfortunately
    minifig290's avatar
    Two ways to do it:

    1. Show the items on the Tesco website on your phone, that's assuming they are still on the Tesco website

    2. Show stock at a Tesco store on the Tesco Grocery app, find a store with stock (always try local but they should match regardless of distance but some staff may use distance as an excuse to refuse a match).

    Main things to make sure though

    - You can show staff stock real time of the item, so screenshots wouldn't be allowed
    - Currys must have the item in stock at the time, so if its not on hand to buy right away they will refuse (so no order to store)
    - You must prove to a member of staff that Tesco claim to have stock, so either on the website or finding a shop showing stock on the Groceries app

    Price matching at Currys will depend on the staff member and manager, some staff follow company rules and actully price match but then the busy body will refuse it for some god knows what reason even if they have stock, Tesco are showing stock and you can prove it. Some staff just like to see disappointment and anger on customers faces I guess
    I'd advise before visiting, checking that your Curry's have the items you want to match in stock, as well as Tesco.

    I got £1034 worth of Switch games and accessories last year for £322 by price matching Tesco at Currys so defo worth while (edited)
  3. jco83's avatar
    I just looked into AO pricematch to find their cheapest delivery is now £6
  4. Skurvy's avatar
    Extra Deals:

    New Super Mario U Deluxe - £18.50
    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond - £18.50
    Mario Strikers Battle League Football - £18.50
    Switch OLED White - £152.50
    Switch Red/Blue - £115.00
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  5. largeypool's avatar
    49490335-tCJwk.jpg£266 total 👌
    Shaany_'s avatar
    Hey, was the switch down in price too?
  6. superstarbj1's avatar
  7. BarryBurton's avatar
    49493366-pWVPy.jpgLove this site..
  8. Trun0's avatar
    Just ordered! Coming tomorrow morning hopefully!

    And that is important. Trying to buy them for a delivery slot today does not discount them, so indeed this offer seems to be going live at midnight.

    Anyway, heat and great deal!
  9. thegamingkinginfo's avatar
    49484605_1.jpgJust picked these up! Price match isn't available for Luigi and Pokémon I believe as it's now OOS

    *Also just been told that Currys shouldn't be doing price match on these as it's Reduced to Clear (edited)
    psusion's avatar
    I tried price matching with Currys Watford and they wouldn't do it saying they don't price match Tesco's.
  10. leesus's avatar
    Do you need to live near a store with stock for click and collect? Doesn't seem to work for me for either delivery or click and collect. Nearest stores are small but there are superstores within 20 miles :/
    psusion's avatar
    I ordered mine to a Tesco local. I had np luck with superstores and extras.
  11. MK13's avatar
    Shows £20 but when logged into account goes back up to £40
    Hopefully will be on offer tomo 6/2/23 to 19/2/23
    Paceee's avatar
    Book a slot or collection from tomorrow. The prices sticks then.
  12. feeder16's avatar
    Ordered for delivery tomorrow. No chance they'll come mind
  13. acelove's avatar
    Why are the prices changing to full after logging in? Wtf
    pirate1's avatar
    Offer valid for delivery from 06/02/2023 (tomorrow)
  14. psusion's avatar
    I finally figured out I had use click + collect and book a time before stock shows up! Manage to find a local Tesco with all 4 games. Will pick it up in the morning, fingers crossed!
    vultan999's avatar
    Still shows full price for me when I do that
  15. superstarbj1's avatar
    I may drive instead of waiting for the click and collect to cancel
    LGB87's avatar
    I highly doubt you’ll get a click and collect. They don’t even bother to pick, just cancel.
  16. Baz8755's avatar
    Click & Collect due at 11am today - Cancelled
    acelove's avatar
    Do a price match at Currys. It's the only way it worked for me.
  17. CaptBlacktron's avatar
    Nothing at Woolwich extra - no gaming section despite app showing in stock.

    Beckton Gallions Reach only had zelda skyward sword
    Evil_Dan's avatar
    I was told the Tesco app resets at 12am. Therefore you are seeing stock levels then on the app, not current level.
  18. adamcolebabay's avatar
    I feel like such a prick for doing Click and Collect. OF COURSE they had no stock left by lunch time. Learnt my lesson for next time!
    selcukcura's avatar
    Go to your closest Curry’s store if possible and ask for a match, it worked for me!
  19. qnoid's avatar
    Are there any stores in Central London that stock these? All I see is Tesco Express.
    baham6's avatar
    I just got some games from lewisham tesco superstore. Some games are still in stock, you need to ask because they are not in shelves
  20. Sahhh's avatar
    My Tesco app says they're not in stock near me. Is it still worth looking?
    LGB87's avatar
  21. Amir_Qamar88's avatar
    erroll's avatar
    I think you need to reflect on your actions Mr Greedy. 
  22. pirate1's avatar
    🔥 🔥 🔥
  23. Douglas_Quaid's avatar
    49490905-MdQEW.jpgThank you so much OP! Really glad I checked my phone as soon as I woke up I was lucky to grab the last system in stock.
    jmck1888's avatar
    Great haul there
  24. BabiDealings's avatar
    Someone just got back from Tesco
    LGB87's avatar
    Is it really worth stopping someone that actually wanted them by time you take fees and postage into account? 

    Could understand for the consoles but this is desperate for a few quid.
  25. luckysalt1ec8f1's avatar
    Already own all 4 but heat.

    I wonder if this is a sign of the rumoured Nintendo Selects discount line that is meant to be releasing this year alongside Switch price cuts
    Trun0's avatar
    I wonder if this is a sign of the rumoured Nintendo Selects discount line that is meant to be releasing this year alongside Switch price cuts

    Oh, I wish!
  26. philip.middleton's avatar
    49491272-HHHzx.jpgGot a few this morning and more available thanks op!
    Switch was still available but couldn't be that person that buys and sells for profit, no matter how tempted.
  27. IzzyDiggler's avatar
    Bought 2 games and some Dr Pepper to take the total to the minimum order for delivery...they've now charged me £4.50 to deliver 2 bottles of Dr Pepper only
    adamcolebabay's avatar
    Flag that up to them, they should refund you the delivery charge as it's not your fault the games are OOS
  28. keveh's avatar
    Just jumped back to 40 as I added it to my basket
  29. cigbunt's avatar
    Super Mario 3D World+ Bower's Fury I the best game on Switch IMO
    afckev's avatar
    She didn’t say it was exclusive. He said it was in his opinion, best game on the switch. Many would agree
  30. Malc_32's avatar
    The amount of cancellations sent out tomorrow is going to be heartbreaking
    RandomUser42's avatar
    Got to be in it to win it
  31. Dannyjoe_uk's avatar
    49491013-PST9X.jpgSuccessful morning
  32. Malc_32's avatar
    Thank you for posting this
  33. erroll's avatar
    I never liked Tesco and dislike them even more after this. Click and Collect should mean pick the item as soon as possible, not let scalpers scoop them up instore.

    Feel bad for anyone who genuinely only wanted 1 copy of a game. Greedy barstewards.

    Suzanne461's avatar
    This is the exact conversation I have had with their “customer services”. Why do they not pick at the time of ordering? (Especially stuff like this). I ordered on Sunday morning for collection on Tuesday (was working on Monday so could not get there). Instead what has happened, they went to pick my order on Tuesday and no surprise…..there’s no stock. Who would have guessed that one then! They don’t take it in onboard and have responded with “that’s the way their system works”. Insane!
  34. Frank30uk's avatar
    Hi stranger
  35. 1988dave's avatar
    Problem is... Tesco dont pick them and put them aside... So even those we have ordered them... We are not guranteed as someone could walk into store as soon as theu open tomorrow and pick them up... Tesco are not great for ordering stuff (edited)
  36. Robloxian's avatar
    How do you show proof to Curry's online of this to price match?
  37. Paceee's avatar
    Currys online chatting rubbish to myself and said the difference is too much to match.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    "We'll price match based on x, y, z terms and conditions, except when we just don't really feel like it"
  38. Rodders89's avatar
    49490486-9N3o8.jpgAn actual switch OLED for £152!

    Getting my geese on this right now!
    pauledwardking1's avatar
    It's the REAL DEAL! SCORCHIO!🔥
    49490912-gArmo.jpg (edited)
  39. CJohnston's avatar
    Saw God of War Ragnarok (PS5) for £31.50 this morning in my local Tesco
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