Super Mario Galaxy (PREOWNED) at Gamestation - £20.99 inc del

Super Mario Galaxy (PREOWNED) at Gamestation - £20.99 inc del

Found 9th May 2008
Afternoon all

Just seen this on Gamestation's website and seemed a good deal. Oredered one for myself.


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why the cold votes?

I voted hot


why the cold votes?

I'm guessing because 2nd hand games shouldn't be posted as a deal.
I didn't vote cold though, just spammed it.

Or because brand new is £26.95??
Not really sure!

You pay to enjoy the game - not be the first person to open the packaging - so I think this is hot.

Best game of last year for £20? Definitely hot.

hot, come on people, big deal if someone has played it already. Your also forgetting most of the preownds gamestation sell are new, the seal has just been taken off and there for they cant sell the game as new.

Mario games and that never really lose that much money 2nd hand, so for £20 this is a good deal..
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