Super mario maker (3DS) £24.95 @ the game collection

Super mario maker (3DS) £24.95 @ the game collection

Found 24th Dec 2016
This is the cheapest atm for a new copy of the game I think.
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Yep, good price

Yep, good price


Isn't it rubbish though with no online?

Isn't it rubbish though with no online?

Certainly that's a limitation of the game - how much of one depends on how you intend to play it - but that doesn't detract from this being a good price relative to the market average.
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Isn't it rubbish though with no online?

"rubbish" would be going a bit of an over statement IMHO. I have to agree it is bizzare they have not included the online, a right odd duck that one given the nature of the game. All the reviews I have seen say it is a good Wii U port however and there is some compensation with new things. And for kids when travelling, this is the perfect game and why I bought it without hesitation.


There is an argument to be made that the 3DS version of Mario Maker didn't need online level sharing. It includes 100 Nintendo-made levels that present a beefy challenge, plus a constantly changing list of 100 levels made by owners of the Wii U game, essentially meaning you're not going to suffer from a lack of content. But, and this is a rather large but, that argument is wrong. It just feels like a real shame that anything brilliant made on the 3DS version of the game can only be spread by local wireless sharing or StreetPassing.

In a somewhat neat touch, you can share in-progress levels with friends who can then collaborate with you on designs - a feature I expect will be very useful amongst friendship groups. And there is something to be said for the joy of discovering new levels that have been automatically downloaded on your morning commute thanks to StreetPass. Sadly I think for a lot of players that will be a joy that isn't experienced very often, if at all.
Ordered, great price for a great game
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