Super Mario Odyssey £39.99 @ 365games

Super Mario Odyssey £39.99 @ 365games

Found 26th Dec 2017
Same price as the Simply Games deal a few days ago if you missed out on that one
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My 8 going on 9yr old has no problems with this game, and finds it easy to play and can't get enough of it. It also has a "Mario helper Aid" or something its called mode option which will help any kids who struggle with the game.
Brilliant game. So much to do. HEAT
Worth every penny... Weeks of stuff to do if you collect all the power moons etc... In my opinion, the best Mario game since Mario 64 all those years ago... Galaxy was good but this is up there with breath of the wild as a genre defining experience
Spent all day playing this yesterday. It's great.
You'll definitely get your moneys worth out of it. I've been playing it almost exclusively every day since I got the black friday bundle and only now am I almost finished, so that's a solid month of lengthy daily gameplay. Just need to finish Darker Side and I'll have every moon, purple coin and all unlockables.
Might help to add Nintendo switch to the title. Good find ;-)
Coming up as £46.99 for me. Expired?
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