Super Micro R/C Helicopter £17.99 Delivered!!
Super Micro R/C Helicopter £17.99 Delivered!!

Super Micro R/C Helicopter £17.99 Delivered!!

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This is the cheapest ive found. Great fun!!!

The inexpensive Super Micro Helicopter is remarkably robust, made of tough expanded Polypropylene foam, features a brilliant blue LED strobe light allowing fantastic flights in the dark, and incorporates an auto stability system to make this easy to operate both indoors and outside in dead calm conditions. Treat it with respect, and do not attempt to fly it outside in windy conditions.


Thanks for this Looks fun!


Think there's a long thread in the forum with info on how to get them flying properly or better ;-)

Don't why this has gone negative.

These things are great fun - bought 3 for Christmas, about £30 each then. If you get the 3 different colours they can all fly at the same time - choas.

A bargain at £17.99

Warmed it up a bit for you I really don't understand why anyone would vote this cold. Show us where you can get a better deal! Really!!

It is a good deal Thanks for the extra info guys!

ive bought one

Just ordered one and would vote hot but it won't let me for some reason

Bought one of these in january on the last deal for these on here, and to be honest I was dissapointed to say the least....The novelty wore off very quickly..:-(

No matter what I did I never really felt I was in control, just sort of going with the flow so to speak where the Pico went I just followed it about around the room, damn thing just kept spinning, I applied every bit of opposite lock that the manual stated but just when it just settled down it started to spin in the other direction instead...It was so frustrating..:x

After 2 days i'd had enough and I gave up, packed it all into its little box and posted it back off to Firebox.com and received a refund, best thing I ever did I think

This is slightly unrelated but you could progress to this one day. Incredible.



Does anyone know if this is a PicooZ or some cheap copy?

It's probably a genuine Picoo-Z, but as crazylegs says, they're totally uncontrollable! You're better off with one of the twin rotor types.

This is a cheap copy of the Pico-z, Play.com are selling the genuine one for £25 under the name x-rotor. Like others have said this will prob be uncontrolable, better spending an extra few quid for the Picooz.


seems to have a very similar spec to this one

These are not genuine PiccoZ/PicooZ. I thought they were and I purchased one of these from play.com before Christmas as a present for my dad. It was possibly the most disappointing thing i've ever bought. A bit cheap 'n nasty looking - the controller in particular - and totally uncontrollable no matter what we did.

I then grabbed (what I now knew to be) an official PicooZ from Firebox and it was a revelation. Totally different, controllable after a little tweaking and loads of fun. I sent the Super Micro back to play and got a refund.

It is worth spending the extra money to get an "official" one. If not you're more than likely going to be disappointed.

Sorry OP

I have a proper Picoo-Z and it's uncontrollable compared to the twin rotor types. I seem to spend the entire time trying not to crash rather than actually flying the thing.

Original Poster

Ive actually got the picooz and this model. both are the exact same helicopter. But the packaging is different. They have the same controller which you can use for both.

Remember with these to weight the front so they move forward. you may need a small amount of bluetack if the provided weight is not adequate.

A bit more information: here's a link to some information about ]PicooZ copies. The "Super Micro Helicopter" I received from play was called a "Pocket" on the box.

This is what the official box should look like (image taken from the Silverlit site) :


The selling of unofficial PicooZ's seems to legally be a very grey area. Whatever the legalities, the suggestion seems to be (after a bit of googling) that the copies are a lot more hit and miss as to whether you get a good quality one or not.


I received mine this morning, exactly the same box as above but a different make, flew pretty well once i got control of it.

But... it does not charge up at all no matter what i try the charging light never comes on so its back to play with this one!

I bought a Syma Dragonfly helicopter as a xmas gift for £25 on Ebay, more for your money imo. Play have them at £34.99 at the moment but they did drop to £20 at one point last year. Keep your eyes peeled.:)


Can anyone comment further upon the quality of the fakes/clones please, ive ordered one off eBay (yes, i know, but i didnt even realise anyone had made clones at the time) and am worried that it mebbe a clone.

The wait for it to arrive is killing me. They have the Dragonfly in Maplins i think, looks very good, can anyone expand on this please?

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