Super Noodles 29p In Store @ Lidl

Super Noodles 29p In Store @ Lidl

Found 17th Jan 2011
Just been into my local store and they had super noodles priced up at 29p, usual flavours, barbecue, chicken etc.


not bad these for a quick snack

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yeah, i sometimes take some to work if i get a bit peckish

heat added last time i checked in asda they were 60p a packet

Nom nom nom

yer , +r

69p each in our tesco last time i looked

I used to snack on super noodles sometimes, until I noticed how many calories are in a packet!

Good price though for a big brand. Supermarket value alternatives are still available around 10p a packet from Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's too.

Hot, I bought some of these just before chrimbo and they were 4 for £1 at the rip-off markets. When I looked today they were nearly 80p a pack Pot noodles are now priced at £1.10 each and Asda are doing a deal of reducing them to £1 WTF......Over a quid For a feckin POT NOODLE, the world has truly gone MAD

super noodles euro spar 6 for £1 pot noodles 79p
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