Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintendo Wii Game -£24.99 delivered @ Hmv
Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintendo Wii Game -£24.99 delivered @ Hmv

Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintendo Wii Game -£24.99 delivered @ Hmv

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Key Features

- Battle it out with dozens of legendary characters, including Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus and Sonic

- Brawl online and challenge friends or foes from around the world

- Customise and create your own levels then send them to friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

5% Quidco!
10% Student Discount

Cheapest Price!!!



Decent price, thanks Wilko_Mat

I've updated your title to include a price and retailer name, we always try to include these when posting deals.

cex give £28 cash! gotta be a winner...

Some good deals recently on Wii titles with games like this, Galaxy and Prime cropping up. My temptation to eat my hat and get a Wii increases. Mainly holding off as the future lineup is so unappealing.

Anyone know if this is available instore? I have an HMV gift card worth 25 quid that i'm trying to offload and I seemingly can't use it at their online store.

Blazing hot. So tempted to order it.. but I don't have a Wii.. tempted to order one of them too..!

I did make a post asking which were the best Wii bundles about, bumped it a couple times, but still nobody replied.


Doubt it would be that price in store, the website states that prices online may differ to those found in store.

I think it's £40 in my local!

Buy! Buy! Buy!

:oops:Fab Fab Fab

Ordered. Heat n rep!

Good deal, ordered and heat added


just FYI, this is not the game as I expected it to be. I had assumed it would use the wii remote as a sword etc for attacks like in Zelda etc. however it uses trandition handset controls just like the gamecube version (buttons rather than actions) and is very similar in many respects.

it does have improved new graphic and characters, and my children love it, but is not the involved experience I was hoping for.


HMV online stuff comes from Jersey, hence the cheaper prices. In-store it will probably still be priced up between £35-£40

Well firstly I have voted hot as its a gret price for a new and according to the reviews well thought after game.

I got this after the rave reviews and wii fans going on about how great it was. I just thought it was awful. Mrs and I sat down to give it a go and just it seemed like incomprehensable rubbish. Picachu fighting some elf in a combination of a platform game and beat em up is the best way I could describe it.

The graphics look awful compared to the other consoles on the market at the moment (not acceptable given that the wii is actually quite expensive in comparison when you get into it) and quite simply I didnt find the game any fun. Played for 2 minutes then sold on ebay.

It must be the age gap maybe young kids love this ort of stuff but for an adult in early thirties it has no apeal whatsoever as far as I can see. The are obviously doing something right, they say they have got women and older gammers on board with games like this but we just dont see it.

Personally my Mrs loves rock band, singstar games and Buzz stuff like that....Games like Wii fit, wii sports and mario kart are great but personally I just find stuff like this derivative rubbish..

[FONT="Arial Black"]Does anyone know if you can share student numbers to get the HMV student discount online? [/FONT]

If someone could shed some light on this matter or better still provide a number/code that works, that'd be great?

Cheers and good find!

[COLOR="Red"]It's gone up to £32.99 now[/COLOR]

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