Super Street Fight 4 for £3.01 ARGOS XBOX 360

Super Street Fight 4 for £3.01 ARGOS XBOX 360

Found 16th Jul 2010Made hot 16th Jul 2010


Add SSFIV to your basket @ £16.99 (924/0799)

Add "Small Jewellery Box" To your basket @ £1.29 (237/0020)

You will notice that SSFIV has been reduced to £2.01

Click "reserve"

On the next screen you will notice SSFIV has gone back upto £16.99, click reserve after entering your email.

Check your emails, you have a total of £3.30.

Print it off and go collect lol.



Chances of honouring? Slim to none?

8 minutes to get to argos lol

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8 minutes to get to argos lol

Or you could reserve it for tomorrow.

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Oh ok im not being funny but why is this cold ?

At least state a reason...

this is a cracking deal if it works my argos cant search for stock grrrrrr but great deal will keep trying thank you

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this is a cracking deal if it works my argos cant search for stock … this is a cracking deal if it works my argos cant search for stock grrrrrr but great deal will keep trying thank you

Yes definately keep trying. It does work, there is a receipt to prove it.

It bloody annoys me how people just vote cold for to be honest no reason.

got the last one in my local argos reserved thanks for this heat added

Try buying a few things together to try to get it past perhaps?

has anyone got it to work at self service?


Just go and pay using your card at the machine thingy so you don't encounter any suspicious members of staff. Have got one reserved in Wigan (only one more left though)
Heat added and would rep...

Comes up £3.30 for me, but still a cracking deal. Heat added.

Just tried again & come up at £18 odd this time.

I have tried to purchase games before at the self service machine but it doesnt let you as games are usually rated. This game is rated 12 so has anyone actually managed to purchase sucessfully at the self service machine?

oOhow do you rep and add heat on the new site? lost lol oO oO

Snipe at ashton store has two copies left....

thanks reserved 1 for liverpool walton see what happens when i go in the morning

Good spot OP

please unexpire this! I hit it by mistake!?! Still available! H&R added!!!


Unexpired - still working if you do as the OP says

nice, ordered , can this be paid at the self service as the game is rated 15?

just reserved it, will try it tmw...

Given it a whirl in birstall

reserved mine to pick up tom, nice find thnx

great if u get it, but like previous Argos glitches it may not be honoured. A lot of people will be disappointed and only a few will be happy.

Good luck, ppl.

great if you can pull it off!

managed to reserve it will see 2m thank you hennessy cracking deal if it works hope it does my sons will love this thank you again


I have a reservation number for Teesside Retail Park if anyone wants it, I reserved it at the wrong store by mistake. PM if interested


I have mine reserved, im sure i will get it ok

Happy with £9.25 delivered - cheers

Don't know why it works though X)

Done lets hope they honour it

yep, still available as of 21:50


OK, this is still working so unexpired again
Getting fed up of unexpiring wrongly expired deals so next person who wants a suspension - hit expire

Ahhhh..I see now. It gets reduced if you buy ANYTHING else not just the gift box.

£2.21 if you add this bulb instead of the gift box

Reserved at Edinburgh North Bridge, will report back tomorrow if they honour it.

I'm in will try it tomorrow bold as brass with my £3.30

still works, unexpire?

i got one reserved, will let y'all know if it works tomorrow

Argos deals like this are a bit hit or miss, usually miss, BUT I have reserved for collection, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.....

H&R for finding it anyhow.


Happy with £9.25 delivered - cheersDon't know why it works though X)

Good idea - best to get it delivered if you can stretch to the extra £6, as you likely to have a battle getting this honoured on collection.

thanks OP

just reserved mine for £3.01
does anyone know about self pay

can it be paid there for sure?

surely if you go to the till - the person behind the till will become conspicuous!
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