Supercar Thrill Monday-Wednesday Offer Drive a  Aston Martin,  Ferrari,  Lamborghini or Nissan GTR Direct £63.50 @ Firebox

Supercar Thrill Monday-Wednesday Offer Drive a Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Nissan GTR Direct £63.50 @ Firebox

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Even if you are lucky enough to own a supercar (and lets face it, youre not) its pretty pointless driving one on a regular road. Because as well as speed bumps, roadworks and caravan-towing clowns, you have to contend with a constant stream of hostility from jealous oiks who think spoiler kits are cool.

No, what you need is a supercar and an empty racetrack. And thanks to our gut-wrenchingly awesome Supercar Thrill Experiences, you can have both. These adrenaline fuelled days out let you experience the mind-blowing buzz of driving a terrifyingly fast supercar around a pro circuit. We guarantee youll be gobsmacked!

All Supercar Thrills include several familiarisation laps followed by a pant-wetting pedal to the metal session. You even get a commemorative certificate. Choose from four brutal machines:

Ferrari 360
Its ear-splitting howl alone has been known to make grown men soil their undercrackers in fear, so taming this legendary godfather of supercars is no mean feat. Boasting savage performance beyond imagination, its utterly bellissimo!
Nissan GTR
Slam your foot down and scream Clarkson-esque superlatives as you tear up the tarmac in this relative newcomer to the supercar stable. Combining 21st century styling with acceleration and handling that place it at the top of its class, the GTRis a buttock-clenchingly brilliant piece of engineering.
Lamborghini Gallardo
If youve ever wondered what its like to be kicked in the chest while your stomach attempts to exit your body via the rear exit, now is your chance to find out. Packing a massive 500bhp, this technological tour de force is a furious beast.
Aston Martin V8
The names Martin, Aston Martin. Youre liable to wet your tuxedo with excitement as you roar around the circuit in this classy British beast. Combining sublime handling with breathtaking brute force, it beats dinner with Pussy Galore any day.

We suppose you could always wait until you have sufficient funds to buy a racetrack and a few supercars, but seeing as thats about as likely as you breaking the sound barrier in your Skoda, may we suggest you stop stalling and go go go!

Gift Pack:
All Firebox Gift Experience vouchers ship in a smart boxed presentation gift tin containing:
The lucky recipient's personalised gift voucher
A lanyard to wear on the day
A Keyring
Gift voucher
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Practice and then only 4 laps? Plus, they are too worried about protecting the cars so they never let you use all the available performance. Not really what I would call value for money or worth the effort of attending......
I did this. Some of the carsd were privately -owned with the owner sat nervously in the passenger seat. Wouldn't let me do any decent speed
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