Supercard by Travelex, now with free travel insurance benefit

Supercard by Travelex, now with free travel insurance benefit

Found 30th Jul 2016
I know Travelex's Supercard has been posted, but they've recently included a free of charge travel insurance benefit for all cardholders. This may not be adequate cover for everyone, so check their terms and conditions for the benefit schedule:…pdf

Plus, all other Supercard benefits:

No fees or charges on spending abroad. And it uses the Mastercard currency conversion rate, which is almost always better than Visa (and American Express).

Supercard is a hybrid card rather than a credit card, which has certain implications:

1. No credit check necessary (only identity check).

2. No need to top up the card with money since it's linked to another one of your cards (Visa or Mastercard only) to make the payment. So effectively, it converts the local currency into sterling using the Mastercard rate, and payment is made in sterling via the linked card.

3. Can link to cashback/points/etc. card to earn benefits while abroad on top of benefiting from the conversion rate itself (which cannot be done with most other cards e.g. the Halifax Clarity Credit Card).

However, it does come with disadvantages too:

Charges on ATM cash withdrawals abroad (2.99% of ATM Transaction value).

Charges on use of card within the UK (£1.00 + 1% of Transaction value).

I don't believe there is a way to change the PIN you are given for the card.

Cannot be linked to an American Express card.

Even if the linked card is a credit card, I'm not too sure if Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 would apply. This relates to protecting purchases over £100 (up to £30,000) - maybe someone here would know.

Read the terms and conditions for full details.
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Does it work for online payments or only in store?

Does it work for online payments or only in store?

It works for both online and physical payments, but if the place of supply is deemed to be the UK, a charge will be incurred.
Terrible reviews for the app on Google store. People complaining of having extra charges. I'll wait and see until the product is mature
For info this months Which magazine states that section 75 doesn't apply when using this card.
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