Supercook Cake Decorations at Tesco from13p, including 24 candles and 12 holders for only 17p

Supercook Cake Decorations at Tesco from13p, including 24 candles and 12 holders for only 17p

Found 3rd Jul 2008
Not sure why these are so cheap, changing the packaging? They are available online, not sure about instore.

Supercook Silver Balls 30g 13p
Supercook Sugar Flowers 21g 13p
Supercook Sugar Strands 113g 13p
Supercook Hundreds & Thousands 113g 14p
Supercook Jelly Diamonds 85g 16p
Supercook orange and lemon jelly slices 23p
Supercook 24 candles and 12 holders 17p (stock up for kids birthdays!)

Great for decorating cakes and Ice Creams!
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Thanks - daughter will love these for her baking.
instore too, at my local tesco:p
Brilliant Find - Kind Of Things The Kids Put In Your Basket And You Curse When You Get To The Checkout! Not At These Prices Though - Thanks!
i hope these are in stock - i have a kids party coming up - ideal for decorating biscuits. great spot. thanks:)
these are also the same price in ASDA,just got back and bought some with my shopping
Great find - am planning some serious baking with my kids during the summer hols so these will come in very handy! Will have pop into Tesco tomorrow to get some. Heat and rep left.
Nice find :thumbsup: HOT from me :).
what a bargain! heat and rep added!
great price..thanks
I'm a childminder so these will definately come in handy!
Keeps outgoings down too!
Thanks for this,

They seem to be rebranding all supercook stuff Dr Oetker

However all the Dr Oetker, stuff is the same, Sugar Strands etc scans at the cheap supercook prices.
Just got back from Tesco - got a selection. The orange and lemon slices are lovely just to eat as they are - wish I'd got more of those.
These weren't marked down in the Ipswich Tesco this morning - I always look for cheap bits for kids baking. I'll have to check next time I go in.
Just bought a load, should help to keep the 3 year old entertained with a bit of baking!

Many thanks, heat & well deserved rep for this one!
This is sooo strange, about 15mins ago I was looking at my favourites on and said to OH wonder why these sugar flowers are so cheap. Sure I paid more the other day. Then I come on here and its a deal....spooky.
Will be going tomorrow to stock up, DD and I have been doing chocolate buns this afternoon and she manages to cover the whole kitchen in hundreds and thousands! SO need plenty of em.
fab, thanks just got a selection from my branch, expiry dates of mar 09 so great post, voted Hot!
They also had silver balls for 19p. And I picked up Dr Oetker orange and lemon and also strands, and they still went through cheaper. So not quite sure why they've been reduced. Nice to stock up. Might get some more and use MOCs and then give them to DD nursery.
Lots available instore today. Sugar strands, hundreds and thousands, sugar flower, silver balls, jelly diamonds and jelly lemon and orange. Picked up loads to keep kids busy during the hols. Dates were all til 2009 so fine to stock up.
Don't forget to pickup your 11p toffee poppets while you are there!!!!
I got about 10 tubs....practicing for our "fairy princess tea party" february!!!
Just the candles left at Tesco Bursledon now!
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