Posted 18 March 2023

Collect Nine codes in The Sun newspaper from today to get two FREE tickets to Alton Towers Resort (£2 Booking Fee)

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About this deal

Collect codes between 18/03/23 – 04/04/23.
Get ready for a thrilling day out at Britain’s Greatest Escape.

Collect 9 codes in The Sun newspaper from today to get two FREE tickets to Alton Towers Resort, worth over £130.

Discover their new ride, The Curse at Alton Manor, which will take you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twists and turns of the cursed mansion.

Pick up the paper today and start collecting your codes.

18+ UK residents only (exc. Isle of Man & Channel Islands). Multiple code collect 18/03/23 – 04/04/23. Strictly subject to availability (10,030 school/bank holiday tickets and 16,180 weekend tickets available). Online access required. £2 booking fee applies. Saving against on-the-day ticket price. T&Cs apply, see sunsavers.co.uk
The Sun More details at The Sun
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  1. tomd2100's avatar
    Code for today (26th) not sure if ghost code or not

    Ivandelsur's avatar
    This works for today! Many thanks for your help
  2. morpheus's avatar
    Is this two completely free tickets, none of this "with a full paying adult" business?

    Hopefully someone is kind enough to share the codes do I don't have to line the the pockets of that rag of a newspaper
    dawyldthing's avatar
    It’s totally free. As long as you have the codes there’s no other problems and the tickets get you in
  3. colloq's avatar
    Can anyone confirm if codes are unique or not?
    Haircut_100's avatar
    Yes, they are unique (or semi-unique at least). If you pick up ten different papers they’ll have ten different codes printed in them.
  4. dgrain's avatar
    Only cost is £2 booking fee per ticket. Codes are unique per paper so can’t be shared.
    dgrain's avatar
    You have to book from the 27th March. There are tickets weekends and school holidays but limited as per t&cs


    Just over 10% tickets will be weekends / school holidays so limited chance of success. (edited)
  5. DevilD's avatar
    Waste of toilet paper
  6. natversion1's avatar
    Does anyone know if you get a code with the digital edition of the Sun?

    *Nope not a thing, urgh the idea of actively going out to buy this thing (edited)
  7. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    Great deal!
  8. ghaffar123's avatar
    X3H2RE51 ghost code for today
    Rebw23's avatar
    Do you have the code for yesterday by any chance?
  9. Ivandelsur's avatar
    A question. Can I buy 9 different papers tomorrow and then submit the codes? Will that work?
    Chrisd05's avatar
    No you can only have 1 code per day so need to have a code from 9 different days
  10. snbdjdj's avatar

    Spare code for anyone who wants it for Tuesday 21st March
    Super_Hanz's avatar
    Still looking for a code missed this
  11. rachel842's avatar
    There’s still time to get nine unique codes before the end of the promotion.
    MarkAshbridge's avatar
    Correct, there’s still 12 codes to be printed including todays code.
    That’s assuming they will print one on the end date of the 4th April
  12. kicksmithy's avatar
    You do have until the 4th April and you only need 9 codes in total. I missed yesterday too but will make it up. Just means you can't be first in line to grab the most popular dates
  13. Talamaur's avatar
    Can I buy just 9 newspapers today or is it only one code per day?
    Haircut_100's avatar
    One per day.
  14. Ali_Bongo's avatar
    So they print different codes in every individual newspaper they publish?
    morpheus's avatar
    I would say unlikely tbh but based on no prior knowledge, so they could be.
  15. superbob2000's avatar
    Do this every year, it's a great deal if you can go midweek.
  16. welshy's avatar
    Haven't managed to get out today to buy a paper so bought digital version ad you can't get them online. Just wasted 6.99 for 1 missed code for my son 😞
  17. jas1505's avatar
    Any ghost codes?
  18. Rebw23's avatar
    Does anyone have a code from yesterday's paper please (18th March)
  19. Kirsty_Pearson's avatar
    Forgot to get a paper yesterday and today 🤦‍♀️
  20. Nuzra_Askar's avatar
    Anyone has a code for today’s (20th March) that they won’t be using pls
  21. kylan.gibbs's avatar
    Not sure if this will work. but my code for Tuesday 21st March. LL5MHL4T
  22. Leonnajade's avatar
    Anyone have code for Saturday? I can confirm they can be shared but only a certain amount of times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (if it’s been used too many times) 
    Chemical's avatar
    Each code is a one use only 
  23. Super_Hanz's avatar
    Any spare codes? Please DM would really appreciate it!
  24. Ivandelsur's avatar
    If anyone can pm codes. I can swap for unidays and student beans. Thanks
  25. D_Harris's avatar
    FYI! Codes are not unique to individual papers. They are the same code for every newspaper, they just change the code daily.
    superbob2000's avatar
    Not true, each code is unique
  26. Super_Hanz's avatar
    Any spare codes from earlier this week would be appreciated, been out of the country so missed this up until now. Please DM me
    finknottle's avatar
    Seems there is still time to collect 9 before the offer ends, unless I’ve misunderstood how it works? And apparently the code from the 19th was a generic ‘ghost’ code.
  27. Lois_Brianne's avatar
    Does anyone have a code for 21st please🙏🙏🙏
  28. kicksmithy's avatar
    Hi, does anyone have a spare code from Monday 20th at all please?
  29. Super_Hanz's avatar
    Monday or Tuesday codes anyone? Please PM me
  30. tomd2100's avatar
    Looking for Tuesday code that I missed. Anyone got a spare?
  31. Scott_Breslin's avatar
    Spare or ghost code for today 22nd please?
  32. Kevin_Young's avatar
    Anyone got codes for the 18th and 19th please?
  33. Civichyde's avatar
    Anyone got a code or ghost code for Wednesday the 22nd please? (edited)
  34. katw's avatar
    I know long shot but as anyone a mon tue and wed please
  35. kicksmithy's avatar
    Code for Wednesday 22nd
  36. bargainmix's avatar
    Hello does anyone have a code for today please?
  37. l518uk's avatar
    I missed Wednesday if anyone has a spare or ghost code please 🙏🏻
    kicksmithy's avatar
    See my earlier post if not been used already
  38. craigam's avatar
    Does anyone have a code for Thursday 23rd March? I arrive home late from work and shop had sold out 😞 PM please 🙏
    superbob2000's avatar
    L601 5JN4
  39. tomd2100's avatar
    Anyone got a code for Wednesday and Thursday? Pm me if so. Would be greatly appreciated
  40. Marinatoch's avatar
    I’m still missing one from 21st
's avatar