Superdrug bargains! OGX, L’Oreal Elvive & Aussie shampoo reduced to 70p!

Superdrug bargains! OGX, L’Oreal Elvive & Aussie shampoo reduced to 70p!

LocalFound 7th Dec 2017
Superdrug have a few deals on Aussie miracle nourish shampoo 500ml (only that size) and ogx shampoo, as well as 400ml batiste hairspray! They sometimes leave the old price tag on, so the label could show full price but ask them to scan at tills because the prices should be the same nationwide! Will post more pics in comments.
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I've found over the past few years, that these very low 'clearance' prices are either store specific or only certain types of store.
I know staff at my local branch quite well, and have asked them to scan stuff to check deals posted here, and it shows as full price - equally, ultra low prices here can be full price in a town a couple of miles away, and even after asking their area manager, nobody knew why these random prices occurred.
Be interesting to see how widespread these prices are.
Same prices in my local for most, if not all of these. Didn’t have much stock when I was there on Tuesday though. Picked up an ogx shampoo and conditioner though
Never in the local one to my work - sick of walking all the way to the top of the street just to then be greeted by sheer disappointment!
Elvive conditioner was 30p at Flemingate Beverley.
Nothing I can see in Glasgow Argyle Street and Bothwell Street for clearance bargains this week. I
Managed to pick up some of the OGX in the Nottingham Clumber Street store. Marked up at £1.75 on the shelf but one of them scanned through at 70p
Which OGX are on sale?
My local (north west London) had the ogx 70p! Great tip and heat, thanks OP! It was marked full price but scanned 70p. However I didn't buy in the end as I had just been to the hairdresser and accidentally bought a few overpriced Redken items so I knew I had enough...
Thanks OP! Got 3 of the elvive conditioners today, still marked as full price on the shelf, but scanned at 50p each!
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