Superdrug Footspa £1.99 instore @ Superdrug

Superdrug Footspa £1.99 instore @ Superdrug

Found 9th Nov 2008
Superdrug Footspa in purple box


Hi is this a foot spa that you soak your feet in thats normally about £20? Just looking for ne as xmas present? If so were they only instore?:thumbsup:

...says instore in the title

wow will have to have a look for this

some more detail on this would be good even a pic. Cant really add heat to this

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sorry I should have got a picture while I was in work. I will try and get it sorted for tomorrow night and the barcode to make it easier to find.

Is it not 9.99?

hey, did u get the barcode? =]
heat left and rep if is true!

Hot deal. But doesn't everyone have at least 2 of these stinking away in their loft? I know I have...:-D

Seems too good to be true...

A cracking price but these things are useless! Ask any mum who's received one for Xmas, it's in the car boot in January!!

LoL, I totally agree. Just like those strange exercise machines you roll along the floor, Car Boot sales are rammed with these. Funnily enough, this one will probably be cheaper than a car boot sale ! :roll:

Thanks so much- got one today for £1.99 it says 'Me Time' Super Drug Bubble foot spa - quite a large purple box. excellent deal thank you! Heat added

its still 19.99 at my store

I never see in my Superdrug the deals that somo other people find :((

this is exactly the sort of useless tat that I try to buy for my aunt / uncle each christmas.

perfect! thanks.

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Sorry I tried to put a picture online but I cant transfer the picture I took of the footspa onto the website (most likley me been thick)

The barcode is 9580255042235

There are some older footspa's around that are in a blue box they are scanning through at £4.99 which is still a good price. No barcode untill im back in work on Monday though sorry.
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