Superdrug Loyalty Card
Superdrug Loyalty Card

Superdrug Loyalty Card

Sorry if this has already been posted. Superdrug has now got a loyalty card (points), but the actual card (credit card size) is also a mirror - handy to slip into the card compartment of your purse. They can be picked up in store.


or wallet!

you would of thought they would have had an advert about this new loyalty card (_;)

another card for purse my purse is like a deck of cards with lolalty cards

Got one for myself and my daughter 2 weeks ago, haven't used it yet
If you don't have enough points on your card to cover the full price of an item you can use whatever amount of points you have towards the payment, which is what I like. Also you can use it online

Introducing the Superdrug Beautycard - your new shopping essential!
Earn 10 points per £1 when you shop online*
Stacks of bonus point promotions instore
Every 100 points you earn = £1 for you to spend instore!
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