Superdry Brad brown leather jacket £103.95 Delivered+maybe Quidco @ Very.co.uk
Superdry Brad brown leather jacket £103.95 Delivered+maybe Quidco @ Very.co.uk

Superdry Brad brown leather jacket £103.95 Delivered+maybe Quidco @ Very.co.uk

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**Just tracked with £9.60 Quidco taking total price to £94.35 when used with £20 off voucher.
Just purchased this myself,thought it was a cracking deal for a great jacket so here it is as my first post
Usually retails for around the £180 mark and goes for more second hand on ebay than this too.
I can only find it in brown but all sizes seem available.
New customers only(or new email) opening a credit account,but you can just pay by card straight away as I did.
For 15% off + 8% Quidco use the code ZZ551 or take a look in the voucher codes section at Smeeble's voucher and get £20 off and maybe some free wine(ZZ589)
I hope I have done this post right and I hope this deals helps someone somewhere.


where from? can you include this in the title please

Nice jacket and the brown one deoesnt really come down in price
Had mine for about a year and paid £180 and its a quality jacket

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Yeah sorry should of included that main bit of info really I will try to update.

Why are folk voting this cold???????? This is a very hot deal!!!!!!

To even get this in the larger sizes is an achievement!

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Not really to sure why its that cold really especially as its just tracked with £9.60 quidco taking the total price down to £94.35.
Oh well I guess not to everyone likes my taste. in clothing.
I'll update the pic to the Beckham one and update the price see if that helps??

think ppl don't like very, also peeps thinks superdry is a bit chav.

don't hate, i am neither of those I own superdry stuff and i buy stuff from very.

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LOL. I guess the Beckham picture didn't work then as it just dropped another 10 degrees as soon as it appeared !!

Great price when you account for Quidco. Hot.

It's getting chilly votes because you've acheived the stated price with a voucher. Very/Littlewoods have a terrible reputation on clawing back discounts when they decide you werent entitled to them. TBH even if you don't use a voucher, many will just vote cold because its a Littlewoods deal.

What does it matter what brand the jacket is? For one I never heard anyone associate superdry with chavs before (don't think most could afford to buy the stuff), also these are quality leather regardless of the brand and even looking elsewhere to find a real leather jacket you would struggle for this price!

You could always fork out for a fake leather jacket from places such as primark for £30 or even better George.

Voted Hot!

Codes didn't work for me :-( Am I just being a tool? I really want this jacket!
Not voted yet, will try, try again.....

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You have to open a new account or just use a alternate email address and sign up to a credit account.You do not have to use the credit account though,just click the pay now/pay by card option and save any hastle and charges and such,good luck anyhows I hope it's still working for you

Hot deal! Wanted one of these for a while... good price for a leather jacket let alone a branded one.


think ppl don't like very, also peeps thinks superdry is a bit chav.

Probably, but that doesn't affect the quality of the deal.

The code doesn't work anymore btw

Thanks for this, just ordered now, was about to buy one full price so quite happy.

I would suggest dont purchase any thing from very... its a fraudulent company... i purchased one product as there was an offer they advertised in Metro Newspaper...it was for £50 cash if you purchase £50 or more of the product... the advertisement was way back in august... and still i am calling and struggling to get my voucher... the call advisors are liers, they will just keep lying too you...

also sometime they overcharge your credit cards and then unless u notice ur statement, they will not refund the amount.... its a big hassel to purchase from Very or any of the related companies...


Opened what I thought was a new account, they said they've identified me as a previous customer.

Can't use the vouchers and now have this credit account open I don't want.
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