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QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones – Apple® devices - £117.95 delivered @ Superfi with Price Beat Guarantee (PLEASE READ)
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones – Apple® devices - £117.95 delivered @ Superfi with Price Beat Guarantee (PLEASE READ)£117.95£129.959%
Recently Bose put these earphones on sale on their website for £129.95 and I decided to give Superfi a try with their Price Beat promise (10% of the difference - https://www.s… Read more

£129.99 direct from Bose. I picked up a pair last night from FB marketplace cheap. Virtually new and without noise cancelling on they sound ok. Noise cancelling on, they sound absolutely superb. Also, there isn’t the pressure you get with the over head headphones. Well impressed!


Yamaha HTR-2071 5.1 Channel AV Receiver @ Superfi for £119
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Yamaha HTR-2071 5.1 Channel AV Receiver @ Superfi for £119£119
I know that this is available at Richer for the same price with a longer warranty, but this is available with free delivery and may suit many better who aren’t near an RS store or … Read more
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Why not get this?


Not it's main function, but this is absolutely one of the side benefits. Improving the sound is the main purpose.


So it's useful for when you have X1 HDMI port on your TV and you need more?


Manage all your audio and video inputs and send them all to your telly and 5 speakers for lovely immersive sound.


What is this used for your

Sonos Play:1 £110 @ Superfi
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
Sonos Play:1 £110 @ Superfi£110
Not many left but good price.

thanks mate


I was in the same position on Black Friday. I was told awaiting stock and the speaker turned up about a week or so later. Superfi did not take the money out of my account until my order was ready to ship. HTH.


Does anyone have experience with superfi. Although I got my.order in the order shows waiting for stock. Will I still get them?


Awwwwwww ;(


I was fortunate enough to get the £99 Sonos Play:1 deal on Black Friday. This is still/was a great deal.

Yamaha HTR-2071 - £179 @ Superfi
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Posted 8th Dec 2018Posted 8th Dec 2018
Yamaha HTR-2071 - £179 @ Superfi£179
looks alright for 5.1
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soooo :/


Same price at Richer Sounds. £18 for 6 years guarantee.


and has more channels


this one is 4k hdr 😁


it's 4k though :)

Onkyo A9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 Year Warranty, Superfi, Payday Deal) - £179
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Onkyo A9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 Year Warranty, Superfi, Payday Deal) - £179£179£19910%
Payday deal from Superfi on what is supposed to be a cracking budget stereo amplifier. 2 year warranty and seems to be around £20 than other retailers. Gets great reviews (not hear… Read more
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Bought online then got emailed to say they didn't have any.


Walk away.


Link to a Bush stereo amplifier? :D


179 for a knock off Chinese brand? Bush is British and much cheaper at argos.


Cos mono amplifier cost 5k. I stay with stereo underdog.

Sonos Play:1 for £99 @ Superfi - Super Black Friday Deal!
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Sonos Play:1 for £99 @ Superfi - Super Black Friday Deal!£99£13929%
Super limited deal on this speaker, grab one whilst you can! Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with the Sonos Play1 - the smallest of the Sonos range. The Play1 deliver… Read more

Strange, I thought Superfi were just clearing the last of their stock hence the low price. If they are getting more supplies in from Sonos, why did they pull the offer? :/


Took delivery of a parcel that matched in size and weight only to find that it was 3Kg of coffee beans. So disappointed* * Not really that disappointed. At least nobody dies when I don't get my Sonos delivered on time, whereas coffee...


Got dispatch notification today for delivery tomorrow. Going to my parents’ so I’ll need to wait a few more days before I can set it up but they aren’t letting me down so far.


Got mine today. Well I haven't, they're at my work and I'm not!


You could have called like we did 😁

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Cyrus ONE Amplifier £499 with 3 months Tidal and Free Google Chromecast Audio £499 at superfi
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Cyrus ONE Amplifier £499 with 3 months Tidal and Free Google Chromecast Audio £499 at superfi£499£55911%
– Built-in MM Phono stage – aptX® compatible Bluetooth – Pre outputs – for connection to separate power amps – 4 line level inputs – Including AV Bypass – High power,… Read more

Would be lucky if the newer amps last 5 yrs. I mean in general not saying this Cyrus one ;)


I’m still using my Cyrus one which I bought 30+ years ago


I would like to buy but the governess has other ideas ;) . I have heard their equipment and to be honest, I was well impressed.


Is this any good for floor standing speakers?


"It’s the sonic equivalent of sinking into a leather armchair with a glass of fine single malt – sheer luxury. Its sound is transparent and insightful, with bags of power " from Trusted Reviews ... and I do. At this price there is nothing that comes close. Very well found.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones £269 at Superfi instore only
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Posted 8th Nov 2018Posted 8th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones £269 at Superfi instore only£269£329.9918%
EDIT: phone one of the stores to place an order - as per comments below, stock is low but they can search for a pair or take a deposit possibly. This seems to be the best price ar… Read more

Delivered today :) 5 and a half weeks after ordering but who’s been counting! Well worth the wait though and superfi have always been very helpful when I’ve called them (about 3 times)


Just got my dispatch email


Sorry, me again, they've confirmed to me they will have stock on Tuesday 18th December. (y)


Currently on website as delivery in 3-5 days.


Price just dropped to £296.99 on Amazon so for the sake of £28 I've asked Superfi to cancel and ordered there.

Sonos Play 1 £100 @ Superfi
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Posted 19th Jun 2018Posted 19th Jun 2018
Sonos Play 1 £100 @ Superfi£100
Great price on the Sonos Play 1 at Superfi £100 inc 5 yr guarantee!
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Unless SONOS has been in touch and slapped their wrists for selling below agreed level, then BOYCOTT Superfi. Totally unexceptable.


Snap. The coins


Same here. 😥 Poor Superfi, poor.


Me too ;( . Got offered a measly 10% off with them


Bloody biscuits , they just cancelled my order stating no stock.

Denon DM41 Micro System - £179.10 using pricematch @ Superfi
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Posted 7th May 2018Posted 7th May 2018
Denon DM41 Micro System - £179.10 using pricematch @ Superfi£179.10£19910%
Richersounds are selling this system for £199 this weekend but Superfi price match and knock 10% off the matched price making this a bargain for £179.10.

This is back again, £199.99 at Richer Sounds, no idea why it went cold, I'm SORELY tempted....



Sony Bravia KD55XE9005 55inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV £899.99 @ Superfi
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Posted 1st May 2018Posted 1st May 2018
Sony Bravia KD55XE9005 55inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV £899.99 @ Superfi£899.99
Fantastic price.

I did! It's an amazing TV. I had to invest another £100+ quid buying 4K games/UHD movies but it was totally worth it. Just finished watching Planet Earth and I'm currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn/Forza 7. The image quality is superb


Hey man did you manage to get it in the end?



How is the TV?


And it's all thanks to you 8) . As I said before I much appreciate you posting the deal. I own you a drink pal

Tibo x-treme 400 Superfi free next day delivery £99
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Posted 12th Apr 2018Posted 12th Apr 2018
Tibo x-treme 400 Superfi free next day delivery £99£99
Amazing speakers for super low price, free next day delivery. Product Description The XTREME 400 floor standing tower speakers are just perfect for home stereo hifi and movies as … Read more

Tannoy too expensive. Would cost ~500 for like this one. Show me better than this for 99£;)


just rubbish better getting the Tannoys from RS for £99 they will be way better than these.


I had some cheap Tibo speakers as sold by RS. They were cheap for a reason - the build quality was shocking. At 15kg each these may be a different animal so not voting either way.


I'm sure they're decent for the price, but that description makes them sound awful.


Good price, but poor delivery man. Almost 15KG each and just under a metre tall :)

Denon AVR-X1400H Receiver with Yamaha NSP40 Speaker Package £379 @ Superfi
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Posted 28th Mar 2018Posted 28th Mar 2018
Denon AVR-X1400H Receiver with Yamaha NSP40 Speaker Package £379 @ Superfi£379
Combine the Denon AVR-X1400 7.2 Channel Receiver with the Yamaha NSP40 5.1 Speaker Package and experience full surround sound in your home. 1 x Yamaha NSP40 5.1 Speaker Package … Read more
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out of stock, ordered yesterday and just had email saying item discontinued and no stock :/


The Auddssey room correction on this is fantastic too


And you can play any music you want through this!


Can’t comment on the amp but I’m running these speakers through an older Sony amp. They are entry level speakers and do produce some nice sound-the sub has a lovely range. I do listen to music through mine and I do feel the satellites struggle a little bit when pushed, but for a starter package that’s a really decent price.


Great price! Only a bit more than a homepod!

Denon AVR-X1400H 7.2 Channel AV Surround Receiver - £279.99 @ Superfi
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Posted 18th Mar 2018Posted 18th Mar 2018
Denon AVR-X1400H 7.2 Channel AV Surround Receiver - £279.99 @ Superfi£279.99
Seems like a good price for a fairly good looking amp. The new Denon AVR-X1400H home cinema receiver is designed for you to enjoy an exceptional surround sound experience with the… Read more

Superfi sorted me out with a x1400 all working well. so happy with this amp my studio monitors really like it (excited)


Update, the management team at Superfi want to help me out with the bad service. lets see what happens fingers crossed.


Cheers OP. Managed to get this from Amazon for the same price.


On the phone ordering right now! Figured it’ll support Bluetooth anyway, so it’ll be fine.


That was the only thing I was worried about, but thought i would be alright using Chromecast or firestick or something.

10% of telephone orders today only at Superfi - Telephone orders
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Posted 1st Mar 2018Posted 1st Mar 2018
10% of telephone orders today only at Superfi - Telephone orders
Superfi 10% telephone orders today only

over the phone? are we in 1996


*10% offer can only be used on items we marked up by 10% yesterday.


May help someone, just noticed small print. Not buying anything myself so didn't check it properly.


says can't be used with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion and available on selected products only!


10% off all order's

Yamaha NS-P40 Home Cinema System £116.95 @ superfi
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Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
Yamaha NS-P40 Home Cinema System £116.95 @ superfi£116.95
The NS-P40 is a 5.1-channel home theatre speaker package for enjoying full surround sound with music and movies.

Hi. Loads of Chris barbers :-)


dm me on facebook Chris Barber :D


Literally just bought this. Amazing amp for the price.




Might be a stupid question, but is this wireless?

Sonos Play 1 in White - £125 @ Superfi
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Sonos Play 1 in White - £125 @ Superfi£125£15017%
Just found this at Superfi great price !
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A great deal, I've had my Sonos Play 1 for about three years now and it's faultless, with connectivity straight through to Spotify via the app or desktop software.


I'd love a cheap Playbase! Sadly only in Birmingham :(


I use Google Play Music, and you can stream it directly to the Sonos speakers, so don't have to use it that often...


Currently at 766 degrees despite it having been at this price for weeks without any actual physical stock? Go figure!:/


It’s always like this!

Sonos Subwoofer £529 at Superfi
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Posted 10th Feb 2018Posted 10th Feb 2018
Sonos Subwoofer £529 at Superfi£529£69924%
This is a great price ! They are going for more on eBay second hand And it makes a huge difference if you’ve already got Sonos

But not price matching for me. Damn (although it’s probably for the best or I would have had to find the money!!)


Just sent a request off. See if they will do it for me too. (y) 🏻


I guess this post is for people who are interested in Sonos and not for those who just want to bash the product. There are lots of expensive things in life, you don’t have to buy any of them. Yamaha do some nice stuff, I’m glad that you’re happy with your set up.


John Lewis just price matches this for me (y) 🏻


Sorry but Sonos rip off prices. Yes Sonos are great sounding speakers. But I decided to get the Yamaha wireless system (musicast) which sounds great at a fraction of the price and used my own high quality sub costing just £250

LG OLED 55 B7V Superfi £1499 5 Year Warranty £1499 @ Superfi
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Posted 5th Feb 2018Posted 5th Feb 2018
LG OLED 55 B7V Superfi £1499 5 Year Warranty £1499 @ Superfi£1,499
Cheapest around at the moment. Might be good for a price match with a few other retailers

All - avoid, they seem to be fraudulent. Communication stops when you order a TV and you won't see it delivered. I made this mistake and reported them to police and my bank. Now trying to get my money back. Seems to be the same company as this one:


Just noticed on the receipt you posteed that it wasn't actually yesterday (Wednesday) that you purchased it, it was 5th Feb (Monday), which is when they were still price matching Drake Displays (they stopped price matching them as of the afternoon of the 5th)


WOW I was lucky just too get my order in then before they pulled thr plug.


I called my local store first thing this morning and they agreed to price match drake displays at £1329.99... awesome I reserved the TV and agreed to collect in the morning. Two hours later..... Richer Sounds just called back and said they are unable to honour the price match :( drake displays are not auth dealer of LG! Damn!!!


I called there telesales & he checked the website after I gave him the voucher codes. He said no problem and I couldn't have placed my order for £1310 over the phone. I wanted it quicker than 4/5 working days so I call Edinburgh store & they did the same checks & I paid. No quarms or quibbles at all. 6byear warranty too.

Musical Fidelity M3i Integrated Stereo Amplifier - Half Price @ Superfi (£499)
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Posted 3rd Feb 2018Posted 3rd Feb 2018
Musical Fidelity M3i Integrated Stereo Amplifier - Half Price @ Superfi (£499)£499£99950%
It's rare to see such a substantial discount for this kind of product. I suspect that it's soon to be discontinued. The replacement M3si model is largely the same and now retails a… Read more

Purchased, thanks op


Had Pioneer tuner and amp then, first hi-fi was Amstrad reciever then Rotel 802, those were the days.


This appears to be a cracking deal. Spec mentions an HT mode so might also appeal to those wanting to add to and improve their existing av set ups. I currently have absolutely no need for it myself but at this price I'm quite tempted to buy one as a spare in case any of my amps call it a day without warning! Very hot!


Apt username!


Cold not as good as Bose or beats.