Superfreakonimics (awesome book) £4.99 from WH Smiths (instore/online)
Superfreakonimics (awesome book) £4.99 from WH Smiths (instore/online)

Superfreakonimics (awesome book) £4.99 from WH Smiths (instore/online)

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I picked this up today, after enjoying the first book, Freakonomics, a few years ago. Only a few pages in and hooked already.

Amazon: £5.88 amazon.co.uk/Sup…ell

WH Smiths - £4.99 in store, or plus delivery from their site (not sure how much total, please post in comments so I can amend this post).

Steven Levitt, the original rogue economist, and Stephen Dubner have spent four years uncovering the hidden side of even more controversial subjects, from terrorism to shark attacks, cable TV to hurricanes. The result is "Superfreakonomics". It reveals, among other things: why you are more likely to be killed walking drunk than driving drunk; how a prostitute is more likely to sleep with a policeman than be arrested by one; why terrorists might be easier to track down than you would imagine; and, how a sex change could boost your salary. Because sometimes the most superfreaky solution is the simplest.


cold - waterstones.com/wat…990 £4.69 delivered at Waterstones.

thanks for reminding me though! really enjoyed the first book, and should probably read this one before i do economics at Uni in September (not that its the kind of economics i'll be doing...)

the first book was awesome ..defo going to get this anyhow.

also recommend
The Economic Naturalist ..sometimes flawed reasoning but fascinating read nevertheless
Fermat's Last Theorem by Simon Singh ..can be read on several depths levels ..personally loved the math
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell
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