Supergirl £2.99 @ Play.com
Supergirl £2.99 @ Play.com

Supergirl £2.99 @ Play.com

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Bit of 80's nostalgia this!

Also available at Amazon - same price - but no Quidco cashback (4%)

Audio Commentary by Director Jeannot Szwarc and Special Projects Consultant Scott Michael Bosco

Theatrical trailer

Adventure runs in the family!

On a desperate mission to save Planet Earth, Supergirl (Helen Slater), must retrieve a missing life-giving power source to save her home city from total destruction.

Startled by her own amazing Superpowers, Supergirl traces the lost Omegahedron only to discover that it has fallen into the hands of the rapacious Selena (Faye Dunaway) who unleashes untold horrors to thwart her young adversary. When Selena ensnares her brave opponent in the dreaded Phantom Zone, it seems that Supergirl's mission - and the Universe - are doomed...


Really liked this film when i was young used to always get a boner watching her


She was fit.

I want the bluray

She was fit.

what do you mean was, she still is

Supergirl - the superhero that Spandex was made for.


what do you mean was, she still is

i was curious and had a quick peek while the missus is watchin twilight and yeah she is still hot missus was wondering what the lump was about against the back of her head

I always preferred Super Gran!

I feel bad saying this but I have to vote cold... Why? Free box of Kleenex at another site. :whistling:


I always preferred Super Gran!



I always preferred Super Gran!


A truly awful film at a very reasonable price. Worth seeing for Peter O'Toole's hammiest performance ever and Peter Cook's hilarious wardrobe.

I always preferred Super Gran!

]supergran, now try and shove that granny aff the bus


Oh yes you still WOOD lol


Oh yes you still WOOD lol

phwoaar these super heroes never age, you can't slate her;-)


yup still fit

but ya cant beat a bit of Super Gran :w00t:

all i am going to say is, with or without the costume. schwiiiiiiiiiing.
just a pity the film is terrible although better than superman 4

Great film. heated
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