Superhot VR £7.99 at Oculus store

Superhot VR £7.99 at Oculus store

Found 6th Dec 2017
This is an excellent game in VR at the best price I've seen it. Part of the 'flash anniversary sale'. Some other decent deals there but this stood out

The non-VR version has many good reviews and the VR version adds an extra layer of enjoyment that makes it well worth it for any oculus rift owner - especially at this price!
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It's Must have this game for VR
what a price! Do you have VR? Do you want to feel like Neo from the Matrix? Buy now, thank later.
Superhot cold, just kidding
Gah. Got me excited for a sec, I thought the PSVR version was on offer.
Edit. Hot though
Edited by: "Moonmonkeys" 6th Dec 2017
Nice one. Thanks.

Picked up Superhot and SportsBar. Must remember not to lean on the pool table like Ronnie O'Sullivan.
Best price so far - bought, thanks.
Just need the PS4 version to drop again...
no brainer at that price.
Nice, finally get to spend a bit of my £50 store credit
Thanks OP That's a bunch of games no longer on my wishlist!
Edited by: "technick" 6th Dec 2017
"Pah! More like SuperCOLD!" ...Said absolutely nobody thats ever played it.

SuperBad jokes aside, this is my favourite VR game and a freaking no brainier for anyone wanting to feel like a gun ninja.

SUPER HOT deal...(I'll leave now)
if i had 1 little complaint (which is kind of moot at that price) it is that there is not a lot of content in it. would be nice if all the superhot levels had the vr love
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