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Posted 19 November 2022

SuperKing Simba Hybrid Mattress Certified Manufacturer Refurbished - £318.96 @ eBay / Simba

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Manufacturer refurbished
76% off!

Best price I have seen anywhere for the superking size. Cheaper than the refurbished double which is £399.60 and King which is £459.60

> This mattress has been professionally refurbished by Simba.

> This mattress has been sterilized and UV light checked.

> The mattress and its components have been inspected & passed our quality control checks.

> The Simba refurbished mattress arrives boxed.

> 30 Day Free Return policy: return the item for any reason within 30 days for a full refund.

> Backed by a 1-Year Manufacturer Guarantee

> Please note the 200-day trial and 10-year guarantee do not apply.
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    Refurbished = used, crazy price for used mattress and Simba often delivery an additionl of all the stains from the orignal owner.
    Certified refurbished = generally one of the mattresses returned under Simba's 200 night guarantee. We have two refurbs and one brand new. Can't tell the difference
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    £203.57 in June for the same size. Obviously inflation and cost of living isn't an excuse for the difference it's a refurb mattress but this isn't a deal sorry, but as we don't live in a dictatorship just yet you are entitled to your opinion and no-one can tell you what's not good enough for your to use your money on.

    Just checked and that was for the 28cm Pro.

    Tho if not desperate I would hold off for a while as this is very expensive (edited)
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    I bought the pro version earlier in the year , had a 20% eBay code got it for £260 I think it was. Brilliant buy . Many of these are returns after someone has tried it once and didn't like it . Mattresses are very subjective .

    It turned up good as new ,couldn't spot a single mark. They are good if your a restless sleeper. It sort of moulds it's self around you keeps you in place .
    I'd try and see if you can try one somewhere but if you like them as far as my experience goes it's a bargain. (edited)
    Wow that's a great deal. Wad that for a Super King
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    Way too expensive. Paid £166 for a king size one last year. It arrived rolled up vacuum packed and good as new. We use it with a fibre filled cotton mattress protector on it and haven't had any problems with it being too hot or going uneven.
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    were as cheap as 199 earlier this year.
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    These mattresses are awful. We had one and had to get rid of it after 6 months. There's also a very small return policy with refurbished products
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    We had a simba refurb and it was spotless but we found it to be a bit poor in terms of support and way too warm. Shame.

    They were really good at taking it back, if it doubt give it a try.
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    These are a bit of a gamble, had to return 2 before I got one without large noticable depressions in it. The return process was easy enough, but a lot of returns are due to the mattresses quickly becoming uneven, not just because people didn't enjoy them and decided to return them. I personally wouldn't put much stock in their refurbishment process.

    I paid a lot less than this for mine, and even then I'm not sure it was worth it. (edited)
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    New one is only £10 extra on Argos with promo SILENT20
    How? You have a link?
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    Got the pro for £198 several months ago, where have all the good refurb prices gone? I need one for another room and the prices now are crazy