Superman Returns DVD - £2.99 delivered
Superman Returns DVD - £2.99 delivered

Superman Returns DVD - £2.99 delivered

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Superman Returns on DVD for £2.99 delivered and also 4% on Quidco - after cashbak and 5% discount code final price = £2.72!

There was a recent deal for £3 at HMV but price is now upto £4.99.

After the battle with General Zod and his gang of Kryptonian super-villains, Superman (Brandan Routh) mysteriously disappears for six years. After searching for more possible survivors from Krypton and finding none, Superman returns to Metropolis to re-assume the identity of Clark Kent. Once he returns, he discovers that Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is in a relationship and also has a son. Superman also discovers that Metropolis has learned to live without him, causing him to lose his motivation to fight and protect. To make matters worse, Superman's old nemesis Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) has devised a plan to defeat the Man of Steel, for good. Superman must put his troubles behind him in order to protect his lost love, and the city who lost faith in him.


Bargain price, film is averageish

Original Poster

Yeah I agree - certainly not the best film in the world, not one of my faves - even if someone was thinking of renting it out then its still cheaper to buy and then watch!

Saw it in Woolworths today for £3 - might be useful for someone passing.

Good price...but a rubbish film.

this is available for at least a quid less new delivered ......... really should not say this from amazon marketplace ....be gentle lol..

Yeah the best price you'll find.

Honestly though I sincerely detest everything about this film. From the rotten production right through to abysmal casting. The cast are all far too young too, epspecially the girl playing Superman's love interest - she looks about 15!

Don't even get me started on Kevin Spacey with a shaven AND waxed head - pathetic!

Tarnished the memory or the fun Christopher Reeve movies :x

Is it a bird?, is it a plane? - nope it's just an extrememely huge turkey!


Good price...but a rubbish film.

I will second to that. It was so utterly rubish!


Good price...but a rubbish film.

Totally agree, a big disappointment, but a good price, if you want to pay anything for it

£20.99 !!!! delivered wh smith lol


Great film. I'm sure I saw the 2 disc version in Asda for £3 the other day though.

terrible film, doesn't come close to the original superman films.
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