Superman Returns - Inflatable Suit *4.99* Using free delivery

Superman Returns - Inflatable Suit *4.99* Using free delivery

Found 11th Feb 2007
You will have to make your order up to £15 to take advantage of the free delivery

reduced from £19.99

Product Features

* Superman comes back to Earth for Superman Returns

* Directed by Bryan Singer ( X-Men, The Usual Suspects)

* Superman Returns is the must-see movie of the year

* Starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey

* Lets kids play at being Superman

* Discover the strength, the power and physique of the Man of Steel

* A dedicated battery operated fan transforms kids into a superhero

* Keeps the suit full of air and looking huge

* Manufacturer's recommended age 3 years +

* Batteries Required: 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

* Allows you to bring the epic powers of Superman to life!


Won't cost you a penny, just a minute of your time a day.

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Ooops, link wasn't working,hopefully is now!!!

£4 for a game that changed a genre? Not too bad a deal!



Are there any offers for free 02 sims atm?


Hi im new to this forum,

Just thought id pop in an say howdy!


Hi all

This started in the Sun yesterday (Sat 15th) and u simply collect 4 of the 6 tokens they will be printing.

You can choose from over 450 restaurants and you get the cheaper meal free. They also give u a free 330ml bottle of Kingfisher Lager each, as well.

It says there will be a pull out on Wednesday,,,I think with the coupon in as well.

Dont think so, there periodic

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cheers m8..think I'll go for this one.

click on 'make someone happy'


Woolworths have started to list their mobile phone range online (and
about time too) - however, there seem to be one or two unusually good
bargains on there - I suspect a pricing error but it doesn't hurt to
place an order and see if it will be honoured.

SE K500i + free CD walkman
was £149.99 - now £59.99…118

Sagem MYX-7 with free micro system
was £129.99 - now £29.99…117

While in Sainsburys today they had a Mico DVD recorder for £76, I don't know the make but it looked a good buy

At that price, anyone else seen it?

not bAD.

thanks for the welcome

Hi from me too + welcome

are these payg or on a contract?


Thanks leonie

pay as you go! so its a great bargain….do

seems ok and regulary have free samples on but this month for every new person that registers breast cancer care get 50p

Can you unlock these phones from O2. I'm on virgin and am quite happy with it.

i'm not sure sorry, don't really know much about them but surely theyre ok to buy and then sell on ebay or elsewhere

My orders in for the Sagem £99.99 in the Woolies catalogue.

Very nice find for £30.00p, but I like the look of the Sony. Plus the free gifts with either. Great find if you need a phone or want to sell on.

Have to register just to get the 50p donation to the cancer care.


i'm not sure sorry, don't really know much about them but surely theyre … i'm not sure sorry, don't really know much about them but surely theyre ok to buy and then sell on ebay or elsewhere

Good point, if you cant do unlock can always pass them on

sorry to sound naive but I've heard a lot of people going on about 'unlocking' a fone. I've never really took much notice so can anyone explain WHAT it is and WHY do it?


nice one ...ordered mine

Right, this weekend I will find the best possible deals on 3 different sets of TFT monitors. I will try my best to get not just the cheapest ones out there, but ones that are from decent companies and have features that are usefull (maybe non-beige ones too!)

First of all, have a great deal on their name brand monitors on their specials page. These look really nice, and have a great spec. There are only a few left of each though, so hurry!
Aria Specials Page

15" Monitors
Best Overall Deal: £163
Novatech Black Multimedia
25 ms
500/1 Contrast
Built in Speakers

- This monitor looks the part, has some decent specs, and comes in with the lowest prices of what I have seen. Overall, good stuff!

Also Good: £152
Aria Black Tft
300/1 Contrast

- Also a good looker, this is cheaper than the Novatech, and claims a lower response time (haven't ever seem many with 20ms, maybe a typo?) The contrast ratio isn't as good however, which affects how good pictures etc look.
ARIA 15" Monitor
It's code is MON-TFT-A-V15B

17" Monitors:
Best Overall Deal: £211
Novatech Black Multimedia
16 ms
430/1 Contrast

- Good looking, cheap, good company, and a great one for games (with its low response time, also good for movies) a real steal here!

Also Good: £228
LG L1715S Silver
450/1 Contrast
- AGAIN, great looks, awesome performance, and from a company known for its great screens. If you prefer silver, this may be the one for you! Better contrast ratio too!
Simply 17" Monitor

19" Monitors:
Best Overall Deal: £270
DABS-Value Blue/Silver
500/1 Contrast
.29 Dot size

- Ok, maybe not a name brand, but it has good reviews, nice specs (I assume the responce is 25ms), and looks the part. Plus, it is dirt cheap for a 19 incher!

Also Good: £293
LG 19 Silver
500/1 Contrast
.29 Dot size
- More expensive, but with a 12ms responce time, which is increadable for a 19", and 500/1 contrast, from a very good company, this is still very good of a deal!

15" : Best : £163NOVATECH : Good : £152 ARIA 15" Monitor It's code is MON-TFT-A-V15B
17" : Best : £211 Ebuyer : Good : £228 Simply 17" Monitor
19" : Best : £270 Dabs : Good : £261 Ebuyer

I hope that helps!


You can unlock some phones to take different network cards or all network cards.

thanks..but why?


you unlock because phones are tied to one company, be it O2, vodaphone etc. Unlocking means you can swap sim cards so you can keep your existing network+number and take advantage of cracking offers

Oh I see..thanks

What is [color=red]chicformen[/color] :?:

Just Ordered mine thanks.

I see Woolworths have terminated the £30 phone deal, Hope you all got in quick.

Just had a look,now waiting for my cancellation email.

Hey there from me as well, great to have you around afroahmed!
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