Superman Returns PS2 £14.99
Superman Returns PS2 £14.99

Superman Returns PS2 £14.99

Superman Returns for ps2, not bad for the price.


Nice price. Cheapest elsewhere seems to be about £20.
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Was very much underwhelmed when I played this game (thankfully, my friend got it and not me).

As Gamespot said...

After the thrill of flying around Metropolis wears off, Superman Returns is nothing more than a below-average, repetitive movie tie-in that doesn't even do the movie tie-in part well.
The Good: Large city to explore; nice soundtrack.
The Bad: There's not much to do in the large city; no variety to mission objectives; story is a confusing mess; boss battles can be insanely frustrating; unless you're a few miles above the city, it looks pretty rough.
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