Superman: The Movie (Four Discs) (Special Edition)  £5.95 + Quidco

Superman: The Movie (Four Discs) (Special Edition) £5.95 + Quidco

Found 6th Mar 2008
Saw someone had posted the Superman/Superman 2 box set at a bargain price.

This too is fantastic.
It has all the extras from the original release, plus a bunch of new stuff PLUS the option to watch the original cut or the extended vwersion (the previous release only has the extended cut I beleive).

Disc One:, Original 1978 theatrical version with Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack,, Producer/executive producer commentary,, Theatrical trailers,, TV spot,

Disc Two:, 2000 expanded edition movie with director/creative consultant commentary,, Music-only audio track,

Disc Three:, Three documentaries (Taking Flight : The Development of Superman/Making Superman; Filming The Legend/The Magic Behind The Cape), Restored Scenes,, Screen Tests,, Audio-only bonus: additional music cues, ,

Disc Four:, Vintage TV special The Making of Superman: The Movie,, 1951 movie Superman and the Mole-Men,, Nine re-mastered Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons (Superman/The Mechanical Monsters/Billion Dollar Limited/The Arctic Giant/The Bulleteers/The Magnetic Telescope/Electric Earthquake/Volcano/Terror on the Midway)

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