Superman - The Ultimate Collection 13 Disk Collectors Tin [DVD] £24.98 @ Amazon

Superman - The Ultimate Collection 13 Disk Collectors Tin [DVD] £24.98 @ Amazon

Found 15th Nov 2009
For the Superman completist, a bumper collection of all five films in the SUPERMAN saga. SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE SPECIAL EDITION sees the birth of a legend as we are introduced to the titular superhero and his Kryptonian origins. Also included is the expanded edition, which features an additional eight minutes of screen time. This is followed by SUPERMAN II SPECIAL EDITION in which our boy in blue must do battle with three escaped super criminals bent on destroying the earth. Presented here in both its theatrical and director's cut versions, the latter is expanded by an alternate beginning and ending, as well as 15 minutes of restored footage of Marlon Brando as Jor-El. In the third instalment in the franchise, SUPERMAN III DELUXE EDITION, Superman learns of his Achilles heel when he is exposed to kryptonite. The penultimate SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE sees the Man of Steel take on Nuclear Man, culminating in an explosive showdown of epic proportions. When the Super One returns to Earth in SUPERMAN RETURNS SPECIAL EDITION, he discovers that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life, and must figure out how to protect a world that has learned to survive without him. The ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION comes housed in a collectible keepsake tin, bursting with extra features.


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I absolutely love the superman movies and will be buying this set.

I know that you can get the movies a lot cheaper seperately but this
box set is very cool and has bonus disks u can't get with any other
superman collection.

gutted ! i paid about £60 when it first came out... but Superman 2 ( richard donner cut ) is funny with the original cutting room floor bits put in there...
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