Supermarket Champagne & Cava offers ***PERFECT FOR NEW YEAR***

Supermarket Champagne & Cava offers ***PERFECT FOR NEW YEAR***

Found 29th Dec 2011
Offers perfect for the new year!

Heidsieck Dry Monopole Non Vintage Champagne 75Cl £14
Nicolas Feuillate Brut Champagne 75Cl £14.99
Tesco Finest Premier Cru Non Vintage Champagne 75Cl £14.99
De Vallois Champagne Brut Non Vintage 75Cl £13
Charles De Ravon Champagne Brut Non Vintage 75Cl £13
Francois Dubois Champagne Brut Non Vintage 75Cl £15.99Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Non Vintage Champagne 75Cl £27.49
Francois Dubois Champagne Rose Non Vintage 75Cl £14.49
Moet And Chandon Rose Non Vintage Champagne 75Cl £28.18
Rene Florency Champagne Non Vintage 75Cl £16
Codorniu Vintage Cava 75Cl £6.99
Codorniu Vintage Rose Cava 75Cl £6.99
Freixenet Vintage Especial Cava Rose 75Cl £6
Freixenet Cava Rose Non Vintage 75Cl £6

Heidsieck Dry Monopole Non Vintage Champagne 75Cl £15
Louis Bernard Champagne Brut (75cl) £16
Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut N/V 75cl £10
Louis Bernard Champagne Brut Rosé 75cl £19
Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut Rosé (75cl) £15
Dubois Caron Rose Champagne Brut (75cl) £19
Heidsieck Red Top Champagne Brut N/V (75cl) £15
Piper Heidsieck Champagne Brut (75cl) £15
Jacquart Tradition Champagne Brut N/V (75cl) £15
Marques de Monistrol Vintage Cava Brut (75cl) £5
Berberana Cava Brut Gran Tradicion(75cl) £7.98
Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava (75cl) £6
ASDA Extra Special Mas Miralda Vintage Cava (75cl) £5

Etienne Dumont Brut NV Champagne 75cl £15.99
Antoine De Clevecy Champagne 75cl £12.99
Henry Dumanois Brut Champagne 75cl £12
Möet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV 75cl £25.99
Codorniu Brut NV 75cl £6.99
Sainsbury's Blanc De Blancs Brut NV Champagne 75cl £13.99
Lanson Black Label Champagne, Brut 75cl 2 for £40
Laurent Perrier Vintage Champagne 75cl £29.99
Sainsbury's Blanc De Noirs Champagne 75cl £17.99
Sainsbury's Brut Rosé Champagne 75cl £19.29
Sainsbury's Vintage Cava, Taste the Difference 75cl £6.99
Marques De Montoya Cava Brut 75cl £5
Mcguigan Estate Sparkling Brut Nv 75cl £6.99
Codorniu Brut NV 75cl £6.99
Sainsbury's Vintage Rose Cava, Taste The Difference 75cl £6.99
Codorniu Original Cava Rosado Brut 75cl £8.99

Waitrose Brut Champagne Magnum 1.5L £31.99
Waitrose Vintage Champagne 75cl £23.99
Bollinger Grande Année 75cl £64
Duval-Leroy Premier Cru 75cl £14.99
Freixenet Cava Rosado Brut 75cl £6.99
Lanson Black Label Brut NV 75cl £25.59

Louis Chaurey Champagne - Case of 6 £90 (works out at £15 a bottle, should be instore to at £15 a bottle)

Comte de Brismad Champagne 75cl £9.99
- mccririck
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Many of these cheaper ones are made for the supermarket this does not mean that they are bad but they are not as good as the branded ones even Moet but the Nicolas Feuillate should not be confused with the A,Carpenter and Lousi Barnard etc the Nicolas Feuillate Brut is at least as good as Moet and Lanson and IMHO the best value out of the above.
any recommendations as to which £15 ish one is best?
I would say the best value has to be "Waitrose Brut Champagne Magnum 1.5L £31.99"
Made by Piper Heidseck, and a great clean finish; and you always need more than one bottle at New Year
Whils't not being an expert I have certainly tasted a good 90 percent of all the champagnes above and in my opinion the best value is Asda 'Piper Heidseick' at £15, it's a gorgeous champagne (we usully buy it at full price, almost £30). Moet, Lanson, Veuve Cliquot are very acidic which I do not like. Feuillate is like drain cleaner and the Heidseick blue top is not great value at £14, Majestic do gold top at £18 a bottle and this is very good although you need to buy in bulk. Heidseick have about 6 champagne houses, don't confuse Piper with the other Heidseick champagnes. Piper is the official champagne of the Oscars and Cannes film festival, so you know it won't be dreadful if it is being forced down the gullets of superstars!

Sainsburys Laurent Perrier Vintage Champagne 75cl £29.99 is gorgeous, bought about 6 bottles 2 christmases ago, lovely and smooth and doesn't have that awful vinegar like acidic dryness.

The Waitrose Brut Champagne is a good buy and is just rebadged Piper Heidseick but at £31.99 a magnum you are certainly better off by a few quid buying 2 Pipers in Asda.
damn and asdo is the one store I can't get to without a car or a couple of buses
Picked up a couple of bottles of this last week - a nice drop - especially as it was priced at 9.99.

No stock this morning (Llanishen Cardiff) - but will check again tomorrow.…960

9.99 link…124
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What are the savings here what were original prices post not very helpfull

What are the savings here what were original prices post not very helpfull

Original price is usually a fix, so means nothing.
Good work, thanks op
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