Supermarket Rum round-up

Supermarket Rum round-up

Found 6th Jun 2013
List of the latest rum deals at various major supermarkets.
Could be a good gift for the old fella next Sunday if you fancy a change from whisky.

Link is to Club Tropicana for no other reson than it's where I decided that decent rum is actually a really nice drink.

And at Club Tropicana drinks really are free!!!

Bacardi Superior White Rum (1L) £19 Tesco
Bacardi Superior White Rum (700ml) £14 Tesco, Asda and Ocado (also 2 for £24 at Tesco)
Captain Morgan Spiced Dark Rum (1L) £18 Asda and Ocado
Captain Morgan Spiced Dark Rum (700ml) £13 Asda (also 2 for £24 at Tesco)
Captain Morgan The Original Rum (700ml) £13 @ Asda
Mount Gay Rum (700ml) £15 Tesco and Ocado
Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum (1L) £19 @ Tesco and Asda
Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum (700ml) £14 All major supermarkets (also 2 for £24 at Tesco)
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (700ml) £18.50 @ Asda
Lamb's Navy Rum (700ml) £14 @ asda and Tesco
Lamb's Navy Rum (1L) £18.99 @ asda
Havana Club Rum Anejo 3 Year Old (700ml) £19 @ All major supermarkets

My personal fav is the Havana Club Anejo Especial (700ml) £15 at Asda
The Kraken Black Spiced Rum (700ml) £19.99 at Sainsburys!
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nice mixer with Gin
Lamb's Navy Rum was a great dissapointment to me. Not the worst ever by any means, however lacks character and flavours and on top of that is quite harsh. It may be half decent for cocktails or rum&coke, but I would certainly not recommend it to be drunk neat. It is not a sipping rum.
Mount Gay is characterless, slightly harsh "pure" alcohol taste. Again - good to mix if you want just a touch of rum flavours in your drink, but there are certainly better sipping rums.

I can though wholehartly recommend Angostura 1919 and Chairman's Reserve as the two best sipping rums available widely in supermarkets. Angostura is delicate, greatly flavoured and trully supersmooth, whereas Chairman's is more full bodied, yet not overwhelming.

I will certainly give a go to other rums which I haven't tried yet or bought for good couple of years - such as Kraken, Havana Club, few new Bacardis and some others. I will try to make a comparison table of my favourite poisons - similar to the Speyside whiskies.

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+1 for Angostura on offer at sainsburys again last week
I use the white Havana for cocktails, the Anejo Especial is amazing with a bit of coke, and I have some 7 year Havana for drinking sans everything but ice.

Havana club was a revelation to me (and best drank in cuba where it costs less than bottled water costs over here)!
Bought the Bacardi Superior White Rum (700ml) on offer 2 for £24, great way to make up a £50 spend, plus as a new customer used a £10 off £50 spend voucher, as well as getting a £5 from TopCashBack as a new customer!!
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