Supernatural - Complete Fourth Season [DVD] pre order £28.88 @ Amazon

Supernatural - Complete Fourth Season [DVD] pre order £28.88 @ Amazon

Found 27th Oct 2009
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Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers with a special talent. Well-versed in the supernatural after their father became convinced that their mother was captured by unholy spirits, Dean and Sam dedicated their young lives to hunting down these otherworldly terrors. But adulthood saw Sam drift away from these preternatural activities, instead choosing to settle down in a life of domestic bliss with his girlfriend. But when the Winchesters' dad goes missing, both Dean and Sam know what they have to do, leading to some epic cross-country trips as the brothers try to find their father. This release includes the complete fourth series.…294


Awesome series. One of my favourites

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season 4 was a good series. the depressed giant teddy bear episode had me in knots and also the episode were dean was scared of everything. Very funny show at times.

This is the cheapest price, its been this price since it appered on amazon, i keep checking to see if it has lowered. they usually go for around £14.99 as thats the price i bought the others for.

Just so everyone knows, if you dont have usa tv like me, and watch it on itv1, it's not going to be shown on itv1 this year, its moved to living tv for season 5. I think living tv bought it for some reason or the other

Also i heard they are making a season 6, but both the boys have a 6 year contract you see, but the eric kripke bloke only has a 5 yr contract, so they are thinking of getting a new bloke in.... and it may not be the same as i think eric k has worked on every episode so far.

i found all this out the other day

hope it helps, as i'd have been waiting for it to appear on itv1. I dont have living tv, so looks like we'll have to watch it on some dodgy online website tv show thing
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