Supernatural Season 5 - Only £26.99 @ Play

Supernatural Season 5 - Only £26.99 @ Play

Found 21st Oct 2010
A bit biased because it's my fave show - but can't grumble at £26.99 for a season box set!

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Cheaper at Zavvi once you've applied the walkers rainy days 10% voucher

Actually cheapest is CDwow £22.99
Edited by: "Starr" 21st Oct 2010

I thought that was blu ray
But on that note, pretty poor price: for 1-5 if you've not got the rest (dvd version, btw), not to mention this will drop pretty quickly on release (I managed to get blu ray series 4 for £17 not long after it was released)
I just dislike the idea of paying £27 for a dvd when a little while down the line I can get it a lot cheaper. This is my favourite series too.
Edited by: "naitsirk" 21st Oct 2010

Wait a while and it will come down to £12-£15. I don't buy from cdwow anymore as they don't pay Quidco.
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