Supernatural - Seasons 1-3 [Boxset] [email protected]
Supernatural - Seasons 1-3 [Boxset] £16.93@Amazon

Supernatural - Seasons 1-3 [Boxset] [email protected]

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The first 3 seasons of Supernatural for £16.93. This is an amazing show which i was really suprised by and this is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Also available for the same price at Asda. Cheapest after that is £34.99 at HMV.

Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers with a special talent. Well-versed in the supernatural after their father became convinced that their mother was captured by unholy spirits, Dean and Sam dedicated their young lives to hunting down these otherworldly terrors. But adulthood saw Sam drift away from these preternatural activities, instead choosing to settle down in a life of domestic bliss with his girlfriend. But when the Winchesters' dad goes missing, both Dean and Sam know what they have to do, leading to some epic cross-country trips as the brothers try to find their father. This release includes every episode from series 1 to 3.


great price

Heat added. I'd hug you if I could too! I love this show

great price thanks

Hot. One of the rare shows that keeps getting better with each season.

****. Me.

Original Poster

Yep, like i said it really suprised me. I thought it was just one of those modern 'supernatural' shows that appeal to the teen market (kinda like Smallville in its latter seasons) so i didn't make any effort to watch it until my mate gave me the first season on DVD. Needless to say i was blown away by it. It strongly reminds me of how i felt when i first saw the Xfiles which is a good thing.

Bargain for an awesome show. Would purchase this if i didnt already own seasons 1-4... Roll on July for Season 5 as im not watchin any of it (s5) til i have all the episodes.

Heat added

P.S. Id also like to see a little Wincest. Sam and Dean are yummy. Yeah im
male, but i have taste

One of the best shows around!! And very much underrated! They have the best acting and writing every episode, forget about Heroes or some crappy high production shows.

Good price for the boxset though. do they have the extra dvd contents?

Pretty damn amazing don't you think Sam, Sam.....Sam stop draining the demons all the damn time

Sorry Dean, I was thirsty

Always thirsty..........Goddamn apocalypse starter

awesome price!! hot

Just got a email from asda entertainment, they have it now at £16.93 too.


Just got a email from asda entertainment, they have it now at £16.93 … Just got a email from asda entertainment, they have it now at £16.93 too.:)

yep and i usedthem with tcb so i get 59p back :thumbsup:

Have been wanting to see this for ages and can't say no at that price!

Bought this, watched some last night with the GF as she's not seen them before, great stuff.

Tightly packed though, you need a crowbar to get a series out of the box, lol.

Great deal, cheers.
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