Supernatural Seasons 1-3 DVD set £8 instore @ HMV
Supernatural Seasons 1-3 DVD set £8 instore @ HMV

Supernatural Seasons 1-3 DVD set £8 instore @ HMV

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I can't prove this as I didn't either buy or whip out the phone to photograph, but HMV in Oxford Street had a pile of these. Some random bloke wandered up to me and started telling me what a bargain it was...this was yesterday (18/8/2010) afternoon, by the way.

Not my sort of thing although my daughter likes the show and has quite a few of them already.

If someone else can check it out or maybe it was just a dream?


The random bloke was right, it is a massive bargain. Sadly I already bought them for much more pennies. Hope someone can get it at that price.

£8 for all 3 seasons!! very good deal

Was in HMV before it was £30 in my local however i did notice that they were £8 each though.

Good show, although it became bloody awful when they expanded the angel and demons mythology in later series.

The best episodes are probably to be found in the boxset above. These earlier episodes concentrated on a solid 'Monster Of The Week' formula.

Good price, good deal.

(can't vote though, as the recent forum 'upgrade' broke the site voting feature.)

As always have to say Awesome show!

Heads up although costs alot more, these have been released on br in states. so probabily reason for price drop ready for uk release.

Not bad for £8, I haven't seen much of the show but my mate is always raving about it.

Great show, though the whole Religious PLotline for the past 2 seaons was a bit meh. Glad the 6th and final is supposed to be more like the first season. classic rock, a car, the brothers and a different nasty weekly.

They £8 a season or £8 for all 3?


They £8 a season or £8 for all 3?

From the look of it probably a store specific misprice

£8 per season seems a decent price, whereas £8 for 3 seasons seems too good.

i'll have a butchers today, but sounds like it might me store specific given its still £40 online

cant see this being £8 for all 3 series

If true thats a great deal, got mine and £28 last year and thought that was pretty good

Original Poster

Oh ye of little faith!


bloody ell

None in Glasgow Argyle St

fantastic deal! best show ever. Thanks OP x

Just phoned around. None in Warrington, Trafford Centre or Manchester Market Street.

managed to find a store with stock, but not marked down. Person I spoke to said that this sort of deal is completely store specific and depends on the stock level of the specific store.

Gutted, as this is a brilliant price.
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