Supernatural - Series 2 or 3 DVD Boxsets £8.90 (with code) @ Sendit

Supernatural - Series 2 or 3 DVD Boxsets £8.90 (with code) @ Sendit

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Series 2: -
They're Back - The Ghouls and Vampires, The Ghosts and spirits - and even more terrifying entities. And wherever these evil beings are, you'll find brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, hunters on the trail of the demon who murdered their mother...and of any other unholy agent of the Supernatural.

At the end of Season 1, Sam, Dean and their father were trapped in a twisted mass of metal and shattered glass. This season begins with the aftermath of the car crash and a shocking sacrifice that cements the bond between the Winchester men forever. Join the brothers in their mind-bending, bone-chilling Season 2 road trips across America - a journey deeper into the mystery of their own destinies.
Special Features

* Unaired Scenes,
* Commentary on 3 Key Episodes by Series Stars and Creative Team.
* The Devil's Road Map: Interactive U.S. Map Guide to Urban Legends and Factoids P
* Jared's Original Screen Test for the Role of Sam.
* The Episode from Hell: The Making of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.
* Gag Reel.
* Webisode Gallery.

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Series 3
The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking For Dean.

The Yellow-Eyed Demon Is Vanquished, But At A Terrible Price.

The battle that brought him down released hundreds of demons from Hell into an unsuspecting world. And it cost Sam his life. But a grief-stricken Dean made a deal with the Crossroad Demon - his soul for Sam's resurrection. Now Dean has just one year to live. One year to fight the unholy, the twisted, the ghoulish. One year to say farewell to Sam. And one year for Sam to search desperately for some way to save his brother. Mind-bending adventure awaits as the Winchester brothers continue their astonishing odyssey into the supernatural... and their personal odyssey into destiny.
Special Features

* From Legends To Reality: Supernatural Effects.
* Supernatural Impala Featurette: A Look Inside The Classic 1967 Chevrolet Impala.
* A Closer Look: Short Segments Showcasing Favourite Aspects Of Specific Episodes.
* Ghostfacers! Confessionals Minifeaturette Gallery.
* Gag Reel.

great value heat from me for a great series

good price, thanks op.

Heat from me, awesome series!:thumbsup:

my fav series,i got them on bluray,but this is a great price
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