Supernatural - The Complete Second Season £17.98 Delivered!

Supernatural - The Complete Second Season £17.98 Delivered!

Found 24th May 2008
Cheapest I Could Find! Review
Horror series Supernatural delivers some of the most satisfying small-screen scares in recent memory. The premise is deceptively simple: brothers Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls and Jensen Ackles) travel the darker corners of the American landscape in search of their father, who's gone missing while hunting the malevolent forces that lead to the death of their mother. In the course of their search, the siblings encounter a host of otherworldly creatures, including vampires, ghosts and witches, as well as such distinctly American phenomena as the urban-legend favourite the Hook, monsters from Native American mythology and fearful figures from well-known children's games. Supernatural's integration of elements from American pop culture and folklore, combined with its skilled cast and crew (creator/co-writer Erik Kripke delivered 2005's Boogeyman, while director/executive producer David Nutter is a veteran of The X-Files and Millennium), and better-than-average attempts at atmosphere and suspense place the series well above the other spookshow programs that arrived on TV screens at about the same time (Invasion, Night Stalker), and should hold considerable appeal for fans of frightful fare. The six-disc set contains all episodes of the second season, with commentaries, making-of documentaries, a brace of unaired scenes and a gag reel completing the set. --Paul Gaita

Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers with a special talent. Well-versed in the supernatural after their father became convinced that their mother was captured by unholy spirits, Dean and Sam dedicated their young lives to hunting down these otherworldly terrors. But adulthood saw Sam drift away from these preternatural activities, instead choosing to settle down in a life of domestic bliss with his girlfriend. But when the Winchesters' dad goes missing, both Dean and Sam know what they have to do, leading to some epic cross-country trips as the brothers try to find their father. This release includes the complete second series.


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