SuperNova Xenon P99-D Dual Beam Front Light £594.78 delivered!
SuperNova Xenon P99-D Dual Beam Front Light £594.78 delivered!

SuperNova Xenon P99-D Dual Beam Front Light £594.78 delivered!

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Mountainbike Magazine: "the brightest system we've ever seen".
German Mountain Bike Magazine: "Brightest light in test. Best result: SUPER in other words "...the light is so bright - its like a landing UFO..."

Burn Times: 4 hours @ 14 Watt, 2 hours @ 28 Watt
Charge Time: 85% in 2.25 hours, 100% in 4,25 hours
Battery: rechargeable lithium ion battery - 8800mAh (High Quality MOLI Technology) integrated in insulated water bottle ( fits in every bottle cage ). 14.5 Volt. Electronic power booster provides maximum lighting power regardless of battery status. Waterproof 5 pole gold connectors

The Supernova P99-D is the brightest bicycle headlight available on the planet ! It is the No.1-choice for 24 hour races. The two different Xenon H.I.D. reflectors provide a long distance light with a 6° angle and also a broad beam light with a 13° angle. Two 14 Watt H.I.D. bulbs, which are equivalent 120 Watt halogen, will even leave your car headlights in the dark. Mountain bike Magazine USA: "...the brightest system we've ever seen !" Remote control electronic power management-PMX 6.5 has new software featuring a simple, rider-friendly menu: 15min step rest burn time display with low battery warning, automatic shut-off to prevent deep discharge to increase battery life, energy save mode. Multi color RGB LED display. All electronic components have either industrial or military standard certificates. Bulb-Protection-Software prolongs bulb life. Automatic charger ?icroprocessor controlled ultra fast charging - for world-wide use ( 100-240 V ), overcharge - protection with auto shut-off . Temperature sensor. Charge time: 85 % in 2,25 hours. 100% in 4,25 hours. The New PMX 7.0 - Intelligent lighting Because SuperNova use two communictaiong processors - one in the battery and one in the control unit - you can call up the remaining burn time to within 15 minutes by just pushing a button. All lighting functions can be easily accessed without lifting your hand from the handlebar. The embossed surface even makes it possible to easily handle the controls without looking. SuperNova also use specially selected lithium ion batteries which are remarkably resistant to low temperatures. Working with a current of up to 3 amptheir fully integrated charging technology specially adjusted to these batteries is the fastest available but also protects the batteries at the end of the charge cycle which considerably prolongs their life expectancy. Internal sensors also ensure that the battery is never charged at inappropriate temperatures, making the charging process basically fool proof.

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your link didnt work for me,


I hope this won works.

link doesn't work. also can't find the light on the site. Was only looking out of interest, this is a ridiculous price for a cycle light! It doesn't cost this to upgrade car headlights to HID!!!


£590 saving

Original Poster

Updated link... apparently they're really good lights...

Still voted hot, if you want this, it's a good price.

£850 at other places.

they'd want to be, it doesnt cost this much to upgrade from a bike to a car :lol:

KLASS!!!!!! lol

Absolutely!!! I wouldn't spend that much on a bike, let alone a light. I'll stick with my NiMh's thanks

Voted HOT, need one of these for my CHOPPER..!

For that much it would have to come with a bike attached!


WHAT!! you got more money than sense

Original Poster

LOL - I love the fact that this is getting hot and cold... you know it is a good price for the item but it's a ridiculous item... completely illegal on the road...

It was a joke- noticed it looking at some of the sale items on wiggle which are good deals (lots of 30% odd off) Gimme some heat!

How much is a matching rear light.

LOL brilliant !

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Don't think they have any rear light versions... these are to see what is it front of you (and blind whatever is)
A rear light version would be a little pointless...

You could order two if you were planning that sort of anarchy!

£594 for a bike light!!!
Go buy a car you road tax/insurance dodging lefty.

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£594 for a bike light!!!Go buy a car you road tax/insurance dodging lefty.

LOL - I was going to order one for my motorbike but these are completely illegal on the road... You might as well order a bunch of those high power lasers on DX and tape them to your bike!

Road tax/insurance dodging lefty?


I don't drive a car because I work only a couple of miles from home and it's very flat where I live. I have a motorbike for getting out of the city but cars don't move very much around here! Suppose they would if more people got a bike...
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