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5kg matrix protein powder £27.99 @ SupplementCentre
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Just going off some comments on the mars bar protein deal this is apparently super cheap so thought I’d share

Not sure if your question is sarcastic or your being serious about not knowing what causes diabetes which I hope isn’t true as I thought it was common knowledge


I detect sarcasm. Instead of me wasting my time, use google


Sports science? All right. Can you break down quickly what causes and leads to diabetes and the types of diabetes there are? Thanks, you are a great help. It really helps when someone has been tought about nutrition to a degree level, as that means they know it all.


I actually have a degree in sports science, that goes very in depth into nutrition so I know I quite a bit.


Pop over to the protein works they’ll be able to help, their stuff is high quality and frankly is the best I’ve ever tasted they do brownies, truffles even pancake syrup lol

Matrix Anabolic Protein 5KG Bundle - free creatine, tribulus, flapjacks and shaker £34.99 @ Supplement Centre
Found 10th Sep 2016Found 10th Sep 2016
Supplement Centre just e-mailed this deal this morning. Matrix Anabolic 80% protein + free creatine tablets * 240, free tribulus capsules * 120 + free protein flapjacks *2, + free … Read more
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Smells great, tastes good but is pretty thick! it'd be perfect if you're the kind of person that makes things like flapjack with your powders but at this price it's still a good buy! (_;)


just got this and it only had the flap jacks out of all the free stuff anyone else have this problem


​can you make a recommendation please?


It's amazing that people actually buy cr*p stuff like this just because it's cheaper, it's soya isolate, you're going to get boobs. It's cheaper for a reason, always go for the gold standard ;) But meh, 99.9% of people on here aren't that serious, probably don't even know what protein is for.


OOS FWIW i used Matrix products a few years ago when i was powerlifting. i experienced a very good product and it was good value at the time. because they were a new company there was not many offers so after a year i went over to myprotein. Having said that, this is a great offer if it becomes available again. FWIW, i still use matrix products but tend to buy when offers come up

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USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg + FREE Amino Gro 300g + FREE SPIKE 250ML x 2 + FREE METAL SHAKER for £49.95 + £3.99 p&p from Supplement Centre
Found 25th Jul 2016Found 25th Jul 2016
Posted on Facebook. Loads of stuff in one offer. The protein powder is a decent price, shame I just bought some of the Matrix stuff! This is from the site... USN Muscle Fuel Anabo… Read more
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Yeah, all that sugar is perfect for weight gain. 8)


​dreamer :p :D X)


Actually it's one of the best all round body builders in the market. Contains: - carbohydrates for weight gain - creatine to help you reach max reps - amino acids for faster recovery I was stuck at 9stone took this for 3 months and had a body like the cover of men's health. Took a lot of focus and training. But this helped me get big when nothing else could. You can't eat enough chicken to get the protein you need when growing rapidly.


Ingredients are on the site. Don't think I saw sand.


You'd have to be an idiot to buy this product. What's in it, sand?

£5 off 5kg Matrix Nutrition 84% protein powder at Supplement Centre now £34.99 + £3.99 p&p
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
They have knocked £5 off the main Matrix protein powder (5kg) size. And I think if memory serves me correct, they have taken £2/3 off the smaller tub too. I have the Whey Isolate… Read more

Not sure what you mean there. The per serving on the site is based on water. People always rabbit on about whey whey whey all the time too, but they are wrong. You want a mix of protein sources. If you wanted a different brand, I saw this deal on USN


Crap brand with crap product. Based on protein content you need to mix it with milk not to use lots of powder which makes it expensive.


That's whey too much nonsense for one product.....

48 protein flapjacks for £29.99 + £3.99 p&p from Supplement Centre
Found 17th Jul 2016Found 17th Jul 2016
Got email from Supplement Centre. As far as protein flapjacks go these are the best. £3.99 postage but free if you spend £75. They're are normally £17.99 each so this is a pretty g… Read more
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Save your dosh and just buy the likes of a sniker or a mars bar along those lines, for the gym, jogging or cycling etc...they will give you more energy and have way less calories than these overpriced rubbish, honest


​Peak body pro 50


​Peak body pro 50, choc orange 8)


The ingredients (milk & wheat) are what kills this product for me.


May I ask, what's the make of that bar?

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Protein powder from £9.99 from Supplement Centre
Found 3rd Feb 2016Found 3rd Feb 2016
£9.99 is the smallest tub of one of them, but there are loads on there. I like the Whey Isolate and have the chocolate myself. Just reduced prices, no codes or anything.

Matrix whey is awful!


Haha! Didn't spot that. I don't like the gainers anyway.


on matrix monster fusion weight gainer it says; WAS £29.99 NOW JUST £39.99... so +£10.. thats funny

Free CREATINE just pay postage (£3.99) @ supplementcentre
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Valued at £24.99 a tub it's brilliant value. I've got a few tubs on the way (separate emails). If you go through the cover photo on their Facebook page it has a link to get a uniqu… Read more
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Just to say to those who have not received their free CREATINE in the past. If you paid with PayPal you can get a refund through them


Just to say that I have received it. The tablets are compressed powder which makes them a bit hard to swallow but they're a good quality (better than lidl)


That creatine on Amazon have a very good reviews. At least you know how many servings you can get. This free one says 500mg per tablet and suggests to take 10 a day. Have no idea how many days will get from that box tho. Just checked on website and looks like it's 200 pills so month supply taking 3000mg a day. Your Amazon link is better value for money :)


I've ordered from them before and can't complain. Fast delivery and no problems at all. I'm guessing it can be different story with that 'free' creatine. Nothing is free these days lol


You aren't alone. Looks like this company uses it as a scam to build mailing lists, as NO ONE ever seems to have received it. Not sure if it's even worth the risk of spending countless emails getting the postage refunded.

Matrix Elite Diet Whey 2.25kg Chocolate/Strawberry @ supplementcentre
Found 29th Nov 2015Found 29th Nov 2015 Absolute bargain, paid 26.99 off groupon 6 months ago. I thought it was … Read more
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While a cheap protein product high in sugar isn't that unusual these days (sadly) ... How the hell do they justify calling it "Diet" whey?? Probably tastes great, but thats not surprising with that amount of sugar.


around 25g of sugar per 100g of product? no, thank you.


Absolute filth this stuff. Dont buy it.


4 quid delivery per order looks like it


£3.99 delivery

FREE Creatine Mono, just pay p&p Worth £24.99 - £3.99 @ Supplementcentre
Found 13th Nov 2015Found 13th Nov 2015
No catches, just enter your email ,get the code, and place your oder for free creation monohydrate worth £24.99 What are Matrix … Read more
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4 quid for 100g creatine. Are you wise? Scam.




Works now thanks!!


try now


try now

Matrix Nutrition Blender £18.98 delivered @ Supplement Centre
Found 9th Nov 2015Found 9th Nov 2015
Matrix Nutrition Blender (like NutriBullet) Great for smoothies and shakes listed as £59.99 on but £18.98 with (UK Mainland) Shipping from www.supplementcen… Read more

Referring to food as "nutrition" allows you to charge double for a blender.




If it's 230W it can't be compared to the Nutribullet (600W). There is absolutely no way this should be £59.99 - If power is not an issue I would suggest the breville blend active (300W) which can be found for a similar price.


230w. Nothing special tbh. :(


try this link:,nosent:19480,nosrep:54839/,6482&utm_source=redeye&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=151109_SuppBlender

FREE creatine tablets (£24.99 RRP) from Supplement Centre - £3.99 P&P
Found 21st Oct 2015Found 21st Oct 2015
Just stumbled on this. You have to pay P&P (unless you spend £40) but that means you're getting something worth £25 for £3.99 P&P.

They are 500mg tablets so you'd have to take 10 a day.. LoL


35 grams for a quid at pound shop also tablet


The rrp is beyond funny


Think it's because they are tablets maybe! Good deal anyway.


I thought it said cretin.

Cheap Grenade Thermo Detonator £22.99 @ supplementcentre
Found 15th Oct 2015Found 15th Oct 2015
Found this while looking for fat burners. The cheapest price I have found, thought it would be worth sharing. No code or anything, just cheap.

What a load of c**p people need to stop buying into these wonder pill claims and all the other tosh these supplement companies sell that claim to make you Bigger,Stronger,leaner,faster!! Good diet + activity simple!!!


Perfect for when collecting the bounty on a Wookie!


Actually no , its supplement for gym work . Caffine and green tea mix helps metabolism . It won;t work entirly on its own . Still a good price .


Haha, I am just looking at the price. Decent.


Is this like exercise but for lazy people?

reflex instant whey protein £19.37 @ Supplementcentre
Found 11th Oct 2015Found 11th Oct 2015
highly rated protein brand, dated may 2015 . vanilla and cinnamon flavour. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. Delivery - £3.99 - GazmoX
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Have a look here lads Maximuscle Not sure why this is not hot 50% off the another 5% at checkout , have ordered a load (only one of each sort tho) over the past few days, order using subscribe and save , then canceled after delivery ... Got 1.1 kg of basic protein for £5 delivered, some premium stuff for £7.50 delivered and Cyclone for a tenner, and remember this is maximuscle (maxinutrition), yep overpriced normally IMO but still a pretty good brand... The prices fluctuate a bit, the basic stuff is even cheaper now £11.87 before the 55% discount..............


Best before date! Big difference. Bargain at this price


£46 normally. only £82 @holland and barrett. say no more. good price but I wouldn't personally be buying something with live bacteria past its sell by date.


RRP is a joke, but you would be looking around the £45 mark for a 2.2kg tub of this. Yes it's out of date, but still does the same job as if it were in date. Less than £9/kg is a good price.


RRP £82.99 , I thought it was October the 11th ,not April the 1st

Whey Matrix Protein Powder 5kg £29.99 @ Suppliment Centre
Found 23rd May 2015Found 23rd May 2015
bargain price for very good quality protein!

Still £29.99 and £3.99 delivery


Very poor quality and the tastes metallic


Comment As well as the 'amino matrix' used to spike the protein content. LOL @ you if you buy this guff


Terrible quality. Enjoy all that cheap soy


what a tool..£39...epic fail..brr

Matrix Vortex Shaker £14.99 @ Supplementcentre
Found 25th Apr 2015Found 25th Apr 2015
fantastic bit of kit if you are into your protein shakes, basically an electric Shaker that mixes it for you! bish bash bosh! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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£19.99 back


That good that it's not been used in a year?


I only paid like 7-8 quid from Amazon though. I guess that's a newer one


I have a similar machine. Pretty good. Not used in 1 year and it still has power .


sorry guys they must have changed the price last night which is strange as they said it was a 5 day deal? naughty supplement centre

Universal Nutrition, Kwik Energy x 60 £8.20 plus £3.99 delivery @ supplimentcentre
Found 27th Dec 2014Found 27th Dec 2014
Nice pre workout, extremely cheap, works out at 14p a serving! Trusted brand
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Il look into it? how much cheaper?


TomTom u seek a lot of supps u should do bulk order from Poland as currency is 5 to 1 it lots cheaper with only about 10-18£ package up to 30kg


Simple google search shows this isn't a deal but avg price


similar price just about everywhere. also surely this is just a rebranded caffeine tablet ? looking at the ingredients you may as well get more servings for half the price and get a standard caffein tablet like these

Optimum nutrition 100% Gold standard whey protein 4.5kg £85.11 @ supplimentcentre with next day free delivery
Found 27th Dec 2014Found 27th Dec 2014
148 servings per bag, £0.58 per serving! I know people complain about the price of this product and yes it is expensive but its also the best in my opinion. Good price 120 calori… Read more
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subscribe via Amazon. auto save 5%. add 4 other items to your subscription (there are many items £1 or less) and save 15% on the entire basket. you can cancel subscription at any time. depending on the current Amazon price you can get this product for £75-80. been doing this for 6 months.


Bought this instead for £43 :)


Thats fine, continue with your whey, im not forcing this upon you, if you dont like the deal just vote cold lol.


Getting good results with my much cheaper whey Tom Tom - google independent tests on protein powders you'll find my protein come out better then your much more expensive stuff - but it's your choice and your money - all about trust at the end of the day god knows why you place so much of it where you do !

tomtom1988 Anybody can just google protein spiking for more info, its an old school trick been going on for years. 1000s of articles and research on the matter. So I thinknil stick to my expensive brands which yeild good results

Matrix Micro Oats Carbohydrates Powder 5kg @ The Supplement Centre £3.99 delivery? 7p/ serving
Found 4th Apr 2014Found 4th Apr 2014
Great deal if you're looking for quick exercise recovery. Top your order up with a protein shake mix and spend over £75 for free delivery. Matrix Micro Oats is a premium grade car… Read more

Tesco Scottish oats would be a lot cheaper.


Myprotein us cheaper, also I prefer to just buy from supermarket, oats are dirt cheap