sureflap cat flap £48.99 instore @ Costco

sureflap cat flap £48.99 instore @ Costco

Found 8th Aug 2016
sureflap cat flap £48.99 Costco


I wonder if burglars can stick their head through this - see what's on offer for later ?

Had one of these for at least 2 years, and paid about £55 for it then, so good price. Batteries last for a long time as long as you keep the sensors clean. We found the batteries started running out on a weekly basis - once we cleaned the sensors the problem was solved.

i got one. customer service is brilliant. amazing cat flaps worth every penny.

I paid £100 for mine (albeit 5 years ago), and was happy at that price. This is a bargain- if you've got a conventional cat flap you'll save the purchase cost in food nicked by other cats within the first few months. Heat.

better than nothing but useless with some clever cats. Some clever one can open anything from the outside with his claws. Microchip flap should ideally be made enabled from both sides.

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That's the dual scan. It comes up on offer occasionally. Ocado last time.

I have one, a great bit if kit!
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