Suresign 2 Pregnancy Tests 89p @ Home Bargains

Suresign 2 Pregnancy Tests 89p @ Home Bargains

Found 23rd Nov 2012
In store & online.
Posted under the topic of "kids" wasn't sure were to put this one.

Following on from my condom deal .....

The Suresign Pregnancy Strip test can be carried out by the inserting the tip of the test into the urine flow (midstream) or into a sample of urine (as a dip test). Results can be read in 1-3 minutes by the number of lines that appear on the test strip, as shown in the instructions. The twin pack contains two pregnancy test strips.


Suresign 2 Pregnancy Tests
High sensitivity for early detection of pregnancy
Detects 15mIU/mL of hCG in the urine
Over 99% accurate
Results in 3 minutes
Easy to use
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At this price may get a pack to leave in the bathroom - freak my husband lol
One of them's probably accurate.
They actually do another pack with three test strips for 79p. They're sensitive too, sometimes can be better than the well known branded ones!
these do work well
That's Granny sorted out for Christmas!

Should be an improvement on the AIDS leaflet I give her when I was 9, those adverts with the iceberg terrified me.
Just what I needed, thanks!!
guess we all know now why the condoms were on offer....
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