Suresignal Femtocell £20 @ Vfone

Suresignal Femtocell £20 @ Vfone

Found 9th Oct 2010
First post so go easy!

I've been looking at the suresignal for some time now in the hope it would solve the incredibly poor vodafone signal in our home. Called in the Derby Westfield store today and they had stock, best still I was expecting the price to be £50.

The pricing is dependent on your mobile tariff (I'm on the £40 iPhone tariff) and you'll need a >1Mbps broadband connection to use it.

The cell takes some time to initialise, mine taking a couple of hours. Now though I have 5 bars in every room whereas before I could only get a signal in one bedroom.


that's very cheap. I bought one last week for £50 and works a treat - full signal in every room when before I didn't have any at all.

Why is it a deal to pay Vodafone to extend their network coverage - and then still pay for the calls??

Shouldn't you change network to someone who can give you a signal where you live?

At worst these should be free, and I wouldn't have one in my house consuming bandwidth and power unless I was being paid to do it by the network operator. And from what I hear, anyone else in your local area can also use it - also eating your broadband connection data. for no cost to the network operator at all!

Haven't voted as this isn't about the deal as such, but the arrogance of network operators in even trying to sell these things.

Use your noggen Mupperty100, not every network can give you signal in every home (building materials etc). You may be able to get network at work but not at home and voce versa with another network, so £20 isnt a huge ask to get network, and no only the people you select can use it, it doesnt improve the network for everyone in the area, you had to add users (up to 30) and 4 people can use it at once. Some people live in the middle of no where and get zero network coverage with anyone.
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