Surf 2.85kg 2 for £6 or 4.75kg 2 for £13

Surf 2.85kg 2 for £6 or 4.75kg 2 for £13

Found 18th Oct 2008
At the front of store in my local Asda they had 2 boxes of Surf for £6 and they were flying off the pallett.

Available online and in-store.


If it smells as strong as the liquid I wouldn't touch it at 1p per box!

Good deal if you use it though

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not my preferred brand but thought I would spread the deal for those that do. I usually prefer the little liqui-tab things that you just pop in with the wash.

Thanx only use surf as its the only one I can use for my daughter she has ecema & this is the only one not to break her out
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